G. Binsfeld, Period 7

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    Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny was a term that was meant for the urge to move west until the pacific ocean and take everything. Now the launch wasn't til the 1840's but the lewis and clark expidition fueled this term and so americans traveled to the edge of florida and they took it and headed west til texas which was a big place and they already owned it so they traveled along the edge of texas til they hit the coast again when as they did another group was going towards the dakodas and met in california.
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    California Gold Rush

    The california gold rush was a time where a bunch of people moved west to find gold and they were the 49ers and when they made it there they could have lost life and lots of money from wagons breaking and supplies being washed away. Eventually they would find gold but they didnt get rich and sometimes they wouldn't even break even. After traveling some may call it a waste of time effort and money.
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    The Great Depression

  • The Day Of My Birth

    I absolutly have no idea where I was born I think it was in Lancaster, my mother never said where it was. My mother moved away from me two years ago with her boyfriend. I also love video games and archery, they just interest me and I have fun doing it.