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  • Sven and Kristoff

    Sven and Kristoff
    1~ Exposition
    Sven and Kristoff get introduced as we realize they only have each other.
  • Anna and Elsa

    Anna and Elsa
    2~ Expostion
    Anna and elsa get introduced as we learn they are best friends and sisters.
  • Elsas has powers

    Elsas has powers
    Elsa has ice powers so we see her first invention- Olaf!
  • Sisters Parents

    Sisters Parents
    3~ Exposition
    We get a second look at Elsa's powers as she freezes her sister and introduces her parents.
  • Trolls

    5~ Exposition
    Anna's parents take her to the magical trolls to erase her memory of Elsa's powers. Now Elsa has to keep her powers and herself from Anna.
  • Good bye parents

    Good bye parents
    As the girls grow up, we learn of the parent's death. This is important for the rest of the film because Anna is more alone.
  • Queen Elsa

    Queen Elsa
    7~ Rising action
    After Elsa comes of age she becomes queen. At the coronation Anna meets Prince Hans. Elsa freezes the kingdom and everyone sees her.
  • Anna to the rescue

    Anna to the rescue
    8~ Rising action
    Anna is on an adventure through the now frozen kingdom to find her departed sister.
  • Elsa's castle

    Elsa's castle
    9~Rising action
    Elsa builds a beautiful ice castle where she doesn't plan on leaving.
  • Anna hires Kristoff

    Anna hires Kristoff
    10~Rising Action
    Anna gets Kristoff and Sven to help rescue her sister. On their way they get chased by wolves.
  • Olaf comes again

    Olaf comes again
    11~Rising Action
    Olaf joins Anna, Kristoff and Sven on their journey to bring Elsa and summer back.
  • We found Elsa

    We found Elsa
    12~Rising action
    Anna and her friends reach Elsa and her ice castle but she would not go with them and she froze Anna's heart.
  • Love experts(Trolls)

    Love experts(Trolls)
    12~Rising Action
    Kristoff took Anna to the same tolls that her parents did befor but this time its mot as easy. Anna must have true love in order to thaw her frozen heart.
  • Look out Elsa

    Look out Elsa
    14~Rising action
    Hans and a group of men go and capture and hope to kill queen Elsa.
  • Racing home

    Racing home
    Anna is thinking her true love is Hans but when she gets to the castle and needs a true love's kiss to survive he tries to kill her and lock her in a room.
  • Anna's in trouble

    Anna's in trouble
    16~Rising action
    Once Elsa escapes we see that Kristoff is coming to rescue Anna.
  • Anna saves Elsa

    Anna saves Elsa
    Instead of Anna saving her life with a true love's kiss from Kristoff she saved her sister's life from Hans.
  • Anna's heart

    Anna's heart
    We realize that Anna provided her own act of true love when she saved her sister and thawed her heart.
  • Elsa thaws Arendelle

    Elsa thaws Arendelle
    19~ Falling action
    Elsa was overcome with love and thaws the kingdom. Hans gets deported for the crook that he is and everyone else is happy and has lot of joy and love in their heart.
  • Anna's frozen heart

    Anna's frozen heart
    There are several conflicts in the movie Frozen. A main conflict is Anna has a frozen heart and is going to die soon if she dosen't receive an act of true love. Anna puts her sister's life before her's and gives herself her of act of true love and her heart and the kingdom get thawed.