From colony to capital

  • Sydney esablished

    Sydney esablished
    Esablished by Captain Athur Phillip to use for convict jails.
  • First free settlers in Sydney

    First free settlers in Sydney
    The first free settlers arived and the first church was built in Sydney.
  • Brisbane esablished

    Brisbane esablished
    Esablished by John Oxley for the worst kinds of criminals.
  • First ferry in Brisbane

    First ferry in Brisbane
    The first vehicular linked the north and south sides of the brisbane river with service of the Queens wharf to russel street.
  • Melbourne esablished

    Melbourne esablished
    Esablished by James Bonwik and John Batman for need of pasture land.
  • Eureka Stokade in Ballarat

    Eureka Stokade in Ballarat
    To fight against the goverment to not have to pay so much money to dig for gold.