Caster semenya

From Caster Semenya to Sexual Harrassment in Schools: An Intersectional Examination of Title IX

By cflores
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    Topics to include:
    • Intersectionality and title IX – examining race, class sexuality• Sports• Education• Gender Binary – how title IX affects non-conforming people
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    • Co-Sponsors:o Group of 6o Women, Gender and Sexuality Studieso GCWSo OEOo Graduate Schoolo Senate? If there are undergraduates involved?o Tisch College• What is TUPD’s involvement in all of this? Would be nice to include them, not sure if they can co-sponsor but would be cool to get a rep or someone to speak/critique themo PanHel/Greek Life
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    • 9am until 3pm
    • Light Lunch served?
    • Graduate, Undergraduate, and invited speakers
    • Intersectionality and Title IX