Freshman Year

  • First Day as a Benton Cardinal

    My first day of high school at Benton. I was comprehensive and scared out of my mind but I was excited to move on to the next chapter of my life.
  • Period: to

    Freshman Year

  • Went To First High school football game

    Went To First High school football game
    I went to a benton high school football game and we won it was awesome.!!!!!
  • Math teaher favorite teacher

    Mr. Geir is one of my favorite teahers and he is a MATH teaher
  • Song lyrics paper

    Song lyrics paper
    We wrote a paper about how a song relates to our lives. It was the first time I ever enjoyed writing.
  • Birthday 15th

    I turn 15, I got my permit and a truck drove all the way to Kansas City.
  • T-R-E-X

    T- Truth
    E- Examples
    X- effective ending Reflect Along with learning this stratagy we also had to write a Paper about Beauty is Truch and it is by far the hardest paper I have ever had to write
  • Ate School Lunch for the 1st time

    I Ate lunch for the first time ever and proceded to vomit after and I when home
  • Wrestling Starts

    Wrestling... The Best Sport Ever starts practice at benton I was really bad at the begining but i quick;uy got better.
  • Eating a Mouse

    Eating a Mouse
    We all learned a lesson about how grusome imagry can be when Cole from the book Touching Spirt Bear ate a small rat that he caught in the woods
  • First Wrestling tournamet

    First Wrestling tournamet
    Sadly I lose all 3 of my matches at my first ever wrestling tournament Icluding one to Noah Diaz.
  • New Years

    New Years
    2011 begins. only one more year untill the world ends. BUM BUM BUUUUUUUUM
  • RAIDERS Starts

    RAIDERS Starts
    Raiders the upmost in competion starts for rotc. We would have two challanges and win trophies both times
  • First Drill Meet

    First Drill Meet
    BHS Jrotc Drill teams went to Leavenworth for a Drill competion
  • I broke my foot

    I broke my foot
    During raiders I broke my foot because my dad stepped on it while playing basketball
  • War Paper

    War Paper
    We began writing stories about wars in history
  • Uncle dies

    Uncle dies
    My uncle Larry Blair died. He was a veitnam vet and he was what I based my war story on.
  • Ran A 10k with raiders

    Ran A 10k with raiders
    I ran more than I ever have before with Jrotc Raiders, 6.3 miles in about a hour... It was really fun.
  • Fly In An AC-130

    Fly In An AC-130
    I got to fly in an AC-130 before the Raiders competion
  • Raider Challenge

    Raider Challenge
    The Jrotc raider team when to Leacenworth military base and competed in the raider challange
  • I cook diner

    I cook diner
    I cooked dinner for My family for the first time. It was not as horrible has I had previoly imagined
  • School Ends

    School Ends
    May 20 marks the end of my fresman year at the time of this writing may 20 is coming up fast