French and indian war

  • suger Act

  • french and indian war

    The French and Indian War is started by argument over land ownership. It religious intolerance in Canada. It was British vs. French. The war was 1754-1763. British and French fought for possession of North America. British won. There was a lot of debt and France kicked out and Spain got the land. Britain is now in charge of 2 million people
  • proclamation line

  • stamp Act/stamp Act congress

  • the quartering Act

  • declaratory Act

  • the townshend Acts

    Britain taxed goods and colonists were not happy. Britain debated the issue of taxing the colonist. Taxed glass, paper, silk, lead, and tea. Colonies not happy and answered loud and clear in June 1767.
  • the boston massacre

  • Gaspee Affair

  • tea Act

  • boston tea party

  • First continental congress

    All events leading up to 1774 and Congress called for a meeting and declared that the colonies have a right to tax and govern themselves. At this point it was clear that that the continental congress would have to convene once again. King George the third opened parliament with a speech conducing Massachusetts
  • The Intolerable Acts

  • laexington and concord

    British troops left Boston and marched to nearby Lexington and plan to seize stores of colonial gunpowder and arms. So colonial minutemen were made and they met the British. Eight colonists were dead and ten wounded. Then more minutemen were called and shot British from trees fences and British suffered 273 and colonists suffered less then hundred.