Freak the Mighty

  • The Move

    Gwen and Kevin move back to the neigberhood, and Max watches Kevin until he notices Max watching him. Kevin then scares max.
  • Friendly chats

    Max returns to find Kevin atacking a tree, and Max helps him get his ornithropter out of the tree starting their friendship. Gwen freaks out when she finds out Kevin has disapeared.
  • Dinner

    Gwen invites Max for dinner and Max makes a friend.
  • Sparks

    Max and Freak go to the Fourth of July at the millpond. On the way they meet Blade and his gang, where Kevin mouths of to them, thinking Max can take them. Through the festival Max puts Kevin on his shoulders. Afterwards there atacked by Blade and his gang again where they chase them until Max goes into the millpond.
  • Period: to


    Max and Kevin go on quests. Freak directs Max to the bionics lab where he explains he is growing to fast for his body.
  • Treasure Chest

    Freak wakes Max up to go treasure hunting. They go to a drain pipe and fish out a grotty gross purse.
  • Circus

    Max and Freak returned the purse to Loretta Lee and she tells them that Iggy used to be Max's dads friend.
  • Chop Suey

    Max is called down to the office, only to be told that his father, Kenny Kane is getting parol. Later at lunch Kevin, chokes on american chop suey and is sent to the hospital. Grim and Gram fight over whether to bring a gun into their house.
  • Period: to

    Daddy's Boy.

    As night falls on christmas eve, Kenny breaks in and kidnapp's Max from it. As they move away from the house Kenny brings Max to Iggy's house. Soon they break into an old lady's house in the New Testament's and wait as the cops investigate Iggy and Loretta. The next day Kenny hides Max out in a burnt building where Loretta tries to rescue Max but when Kenny finds out he almost kills her, but Max stops him by saying he know he killed Annie, Max's mom. Max and Loretta are saved by Freak and Iggy.
  • School

    Freaks birthday rolls around the corner. During the party Kevin, whilst talking about his new computer has a seizure.
  • The end of Freak the Mighty

    After Freaks surgury Max goes to visit him, only to find that Kevin is dead. Max then falls into the depths of despair.