Pinedas voyage

Timeline created by Kamilasaenz
  • 1518

    Pineda landed in south west Florida

    Pineda first landed on the Southwest coast of Florida but were attacked by hostil natives.
  • 1518

    Holy river

    Pineda sailed up the Mississippi river and named it the holy river. Pineda spent a month exploring the river and making contact with the natives.
  • 1519

    Pineda sails in the Gulf of Mexico

    Pineda then left the Mississippi river and sailed around the gulf as far as Rio Panuco in Mexico.
  • 1519

    Pineda reached Texas

    Pineda reached Texas but were continuosly attacked by hostil Aztecs natives
  • 1519

    Pineda was killed

    Pineda was killed at Chila by the Aztecs Indians and they burned two of the ships.