Frankie's Jewish Development

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    Frankie's Jewish Development

  • Move to Israel

  • Return from Israel

    Our family left israel months early because of the Gulf War. This fleeing was a huge part of my personal narrative growing up despite being an infant.
  • Start Jewish Day School

  • Start Secular Summer Camp

    Summer camp, and specifically NOT Jewish camp, was a huge part of my life - as was the experience of being pegged as "super jewish" in that context.
  • Start Secular School

    I moved to Chicago and began attending secular private school and became aware of my Jewish identity in a very new way - this is the first time I was not in a majority-Jewish space
  • Bat Mitzvah

    I enjoyed prepping for my bat mitzvah, and had to navigate my more conservative leanings in my new reform congregation

    This was a HUGE turning point for my Jewish identity - I felt very drawn to the Judiasm that was possible in a Jewish state, and I felt very aware of the ways I was only getting part of the picture of the state of Israel in this context. I left empowered in shaping my own judaism and committed to returning to Israel to learn more.
  • Mechina with the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judiasm

    This was an intensive, immersive experience of creating community and diving deep into living in Israel.
  • Decide to go to College instead of IDF

    Throughout my gap year I wrestled with how i could best impact what I was coming to understand as a deeply broken Israeli society. The choice to leave Israel at the end of the year rather than stay and join the army as my peers on my gap year were doing was a huge choice that I wrestled with for a long time
  • Salaam - Student Dialogue Project on Israel/Palestine

    I spent my junior year working with a coalition of about 30 students from across the spectrum of interest groups at my college campus to plan a week of learning about I/P and write a history of the conflict.
  • Teach Jewish Enrichment Center

    My first job out of college was teaching at a student-centered, reggio-emilia inspired Jewish after school program where I received incredible mentorship on teaching and empowering students to learn Torah
  • Learn with SVARA

    I began learning Talmud with SVARA and gained a whole new perspective of what Judaism is and could be, and began gaining confidence in my on learning
  • Intern at Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

    This was the beginning of my work as a community organizer in a Jewish context
  • Work at SVARA's Program Director

    In this role I found my voice as an organizational leader and got comfortable teaching adults
  • Queer Talmud Camp

    Met lots of friends & role models that modeled different ways of being Jewish & doing Jewish life. Felt a part of a national queer community
  • IfNotNow Training

    This was the first space where I felt like I had some power to impact the reality on the ground in Israel/Palestine and that I had a Jewish community where I could be a whole person. I also began to understand my relationship with antisemitism.
  • Intersections of Racism & Antisemitism Training

  • Move to Boston

  • Start Rabbinical School