Four Great Civilizations

  • 100

    Olmec 2000 B.C.- Rise of Olmecs

    This is the rise of the Olmec civilization. They then went on as a great civilization for more than 2000 years.
  • 100

    Olmec 100 A.D.- Decline of Olmecs

    In 100 A.D. the Olmec civilization started to decline. It was a total of 2100 years after the rise of the Olmec.
  • 500

    Maya 500 A.D.- Tikal becomes first big city

    The Mayan city of Tikal became a very big city in A.D. 500. 399 years later, Tikal would be abandoned.
  • Sep 2, 1325

    Aztec 1325 A.D.- Tenochtitlan settled

    Tenochtitlan was settled by the Mexica (Aztecs). It would become the capital of the Aztec Empire.
  • Period: Sep 2, 1452 to Sep 2, 1454

    Aztec 1452-54 A.D.- Famine in Tenochtitlan

    During this time period, Tenochtitlan experienced a famine.
  • Sep 2, 1517

    Aztecs 1517 A.D.- Comet

    In 1517, a comet flew accross the Aztec Empire. This was thought to signify impending doom!
  • Mar 4, 1519

    Aztecs 1519 A.D.- Hernan Cortes led army into Tenochtitlan

    In 1519 A.D. Hernan Cortes led 550 Spanish soldiers into Tenochtitlan. He wrote that the craftsmanship he had witnessed couldn't be better anywhere. He and his soldiers marveled at the great towers and temples rising out of the water.
  • Maya 900 A.D. - Decline of Maya

    About 900 A.D. the Maya civilization started to decline. No one knows what caused this decline, but there are a few theories.
  • Maya 899 A.D.- Tikal is abandoned

    The Mayan city of Tikal is abandoned. The large city was almost 400 years old.