Founding of Jamestown, Roanoke and Plymouth

By Chaka2
  • Period: Jan 1, 1580 to


  • Sir Humphrey Gilbert Claims NewfoundLand for Queen Elizibeth

    Then weeks later he died!!!!!!
  • Roanoke is found by Sir Walter Raleigh

    It was Raleigh's last atempt to establish the small colony.
  • All settlers of Roanoke Island vanish.

    When John White goes back to Roanoke he comes to find out everyone is gone but there lies only 1 clue carved into a gatepost showing that they all could be at The Croatoan Islands.
  • Colonists settle at Jamestown

    Everyone was happy to finally be on dry ground.
  • House of burgesses meets in Jamestown.

    They met for the first time in a church in Jamestown.
  • pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock

    2nd successful colony.
  • King James canceled the companys charter

    He made Jamestown the first royal colony for England in America.
  • Puritans begin settling at Massachusetts Bay

    They did this to escape religious persecution and economic hard times in England.
  • The French establishes The port of New Orleans

  • mission of San Diego founded