Foster the People

By 100206
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    Before the Band

    Mark Foster was a struggling musician writing advertisement jingles
  • The Band was Formed

    The Band was Formed
    Mark Foster formed the band with two close friends; Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink, in Los Angeles, California
  • Clubs

    While they waited for a response to their music, Foster the People preformed at many clubs in California
  • Pumped Up Kicks

    Pumped Up Kicks
    In October 2010, Foster the People released it's first single.
  • Music Deal!

    Music Deal!
    The next month, they got a Music Deal with Startime International.
  • Pumped Up Kicks (youtube)

    Pumped Up Kicks (youtube)
    They uploaded the music video and it has 109,243,825 views and counting!
  • Billboard Top 100

    Billboard Top 100
    Pumped Up Kicks reached 3rd on the Top 100!
  • First Album

    First Album
    After the great response from the fans, Foster the People released their first album; Torches!
  • Tours

    Foster the People started out slow. They preformed at Coachella Valley's Music and Art Festival
  • The Name

    The Name
    The date is when the name lawsuit was filed. The name of the band was origionally Foster of the People, but it didn't really have a ring to it so it was shortenend. They started off with the founder's last name; Foster. "The rest just seemed to fall in" Cubbie Fink (vocalist, guitar) said in an interview
  • Helena Beat (youtube)

    Helena Beat (youtube)
    11,810,360 views after this video came out!
  • Call it What You Want (youtube)

    Call it What You Want (youtube)
    This music video is crazy and completely random, but the views are going up! Its currently at 13,745,753 views.
  • Don't Stop / Color on the Walls (youtube)

    Don't Stop / Color on the Walls (youtube)
    This video came out and it got 11,122,846 hits!
  • Touring

    They toured all over America over the past year playing over 295 shows.
  • Houdini (youtube)

    Houdini (youtube)
    Houdini has 13,116,959 hits and I can tell why!
  • New Album?

    New Album?
    The band ended it's tour 3 months ago to begin working on their second album. We all can't wait until it comes out.