Forrest Gump

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In Film
  • Forrest gets leg braces

    Forrest gets leg braces
    Forrest has strong legs, but a crooked spine, which forces him to wear leg braces.
  • Forrest meets Jenny

    Forrest meets Jenny
    Jenny is the only person on Forrest's bus that will let him sit on the bus with them.
  • Forrest is stared at by strangers

    Forrest is stared at by strangers
    When Forrest goes to the store with his mom, people look at him, judging his legs. His mom continues to tell him that he's the same as everyone else
  • Forrest's dad goes on "vacation"

    Forrest's dad goes on "vacation"
    Forrest learns his dad isn't coming back, and this makes him want to be a better dad to little Forrest.
  • Forrest is chased by bullies

    Forrest is chased by bullies
    When Forrest is walking home with Jenny, three boys chase after him on a bike. Forrest gets running so fast that his knee braces break. He learns he loves to run and start running everywhere.
  • Forrest starts to run everywhere

    Forrest starts to run everywhere
    Forrest runs to town, school and to Jenny's house where he learns Jenny is being abused. She is later moved into another home.
  • Forrest is chased by bullies again

    Forrest is chased by bullies again
    This time in highschool, he is chased by his bullies, This time he runs onto a football field and by accidently outruns their star player. He is scouted by a college football team
  • Forrest joins the army

    after forrest graduates, he joins the army and fits in very well
  • Forrest is deployed

    Forrest is sent to vietnam where he meets Lieutenant Dan and Bubby
  • Forrest’s platoon is invaded

    in Vietnam, his platoon is invaded. many soldiers chose to retreat but Forrest, Lieutenant Dan and Bubba stay and fight. sadly Bubba is killed
  • Forrest wins medal of honour

  • Forrest reunites with Jenny

    at a peace rally Forrest and Jenny meet again. Forrest tries to get her to leave her abusive relationship but she refuses. she leaves Forrest once again
  • Forrest become a national ping pong player

    Forrest goes to China to play ping pong. When he returns he meets Lieutenant Dan again and stays with him
  • Forrest wins US member of table tennis if the year

    Forrest meets the president again who gives him a room at an expensive hotel. Forrest is also gave 25000$ to advertise table tennis paddles
  • Forrest meets Bubbas family

    Forrest meets his army friends family and tells them about their deal. Forrest then buys a shrimping boat but is not successful
  • Lt. Dan joins Forrest on the shrimping boat

    Lt. Dan told Forrest to pray for shrimp since they never catch anything. They later sail through a hurricane and are the only boat that isn’t destroyed. They become very very rich
  • Forrest visits his sick mom

    Mrs. Gump has cancer and dies shortly after Forrest comes home. Forrest gets a job cutting grass and loved it
  • Lt. Dan invests his and Forrest’s money

    Lt. Dan put their money into Apple inc. and made even more money
  • Jenny comes home

    Jenny comes back to Forrest’s house. they become closer than ever. Forrest asks Jenny to marry him and she says no. They sleep together that night and when Forrest wakes up Jenny is gone.
  • Forrest goes for a run

    (1976)Forrest starts running again after Jenny leaves. And he does not stop. He ends up running across America 3 times.
  • Forrest gets a letter from Jenny

    Jenny’s letter tells him to meet her someone. A nice lady tells him where Jenny’s house is. They meet once again and Forrest finds out he and Jenny have a son. He also finds out that Jenny is very sick
  • Forrest and Jenny get married

    Forrest and Jenny get married and Jenny meets Lt. Dan who is now engaged.
  • Jenny passes away

    Jenny passes away and Forrest is torn apart. He tries to stay strong for Forrest Junior. He visits Jenny’s grave and tells her about how much fun him and little Forrest have and gives her little Forrest’s letter
  • Little Forrest gets on the school bus

    Forrest sends off little Forrest for his first day is school. Little Forrest and his bus driver have a similar encounter as Forrest on his first day of school