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Major Events in Forensic Science

  • Jan 1, 600

    Use of fingerprints

    Fingerprints were used to identify people. Arabic merchants would print the debtor's fingerprint with ink and staple it to the bill.
  • Jan 1, 1250

    King Richard

    King Richard invented the idea of using coroner to investigate questionable deaths.
  • First phisycal evidence used in criminal court case.

    The first time physical matching of evidence took place in a murder conviction.
    The Evidence was a torn piece of newspaper in a pistol that matched the newspaper in his pocket.
  • More Physical evidence used in murder court

    Clothing and shoes of a farmer were taken and had pieces of evidence tat matched those of a close by murder scene, where a woman was drowned in a shallow pool.
  • Photos used for crime scene investigation

    San Francisco becomes the first city in the US to use photos in murder court.
  • Fingerprints are Unique!

    Henry Fualds and William James Herschel publish a paper about ow fingerprints are unique. Another scientist uses their discovery to help the court.
    His system identifies different patterns in the fingerprint.
  • Sherlock Holmes

    Artur Conan Doyle publishes the first Sherlock Holmes story.
  • Fingerprint Evidence

    The first time fingerprints are used in a murder investigation is with an Argentinean police officer.
  • Fingerprint ID for Prisoners

    Fingerprint ID is brought into NY state jail system.
  • Forensic Science System

    The first school of forensic science is founded in Switzerland.
  • Hair in Forensics

    The first time hair in forensics was used in a legal court case.
  • Crime lab

    In Los Angeles the first police crime lab is made.
  • Crime Lab of Experts

    The FBI makes their own crime lab.
  • Voice Evidence

    Voice Prints are being used in crime court evidence from phones of tapes.
  • National Crime System

    The National Crime Information Center is created and implemeted by the FBI, which is a filing system on wanted people stolen cars or other veicles, weapons ect.
  • Fingerprint scanner

    The first fingerprint scanner was implemented at the FBI
  • Auto Fingerprint

    The Canadian mounted police force implement the first automatic fingerprint ID system.
  • DNA Conviction

    DNA Fingerprinting is used to clear the main suspect in a murder case (who likely would have been convicted without it) and convict another.
  • DNA System Developed

    Sir Alec Jeffreys developed DNA fingerprinting techniques.
  • DNA Criminal Caught

    A man is convicted of a seris of sexual assaults using DNA.
  • DNA Reliable

    An announcement from the National Academy of Sciences declares that DNA evidence is reliable.
  • Fast Fingerprints

    FBI makes automated fingerprint inquiry responses heaps faster (from 2 weeks to 2 hours).
  • Fast DNA ID

    Faster DNA ID profiling means that you can post a new fingerprint onto the system in 1-2 days in stead of 6-8 weeks.
  • Footwear Detection

    Britain's Forensic Science Service develop online footwear detection. This helps footwear tracks to be identified quickly.
  • Chinese Used Fingerprints

    Chinese used fingerprints to establish identity of documents and clay sculptures.