Food Preservation

  • 6500 BCE


    It was discovered that when salt was added to food it allowed the food to be eaten longer. Also that the salt removes the water in the food and the bacteria is slowed down.
  • 4500 BCE


    They discovered that if meat was smoked it would last longer than regular cooked meat. Also that it slows down the growth of bacteria.
  • 800 BCE


    Ancient Greeks discovered that food doesn't spoil as fast when put in ice or snow
  • Ice box

    People discovered that by putting foods in a cool storage box the food would be preserved more. So they created an ice box.
  • Canning

    Canning was invented by chef Nicolas Appert. He discovered that putting foods in sealed metal cans would preserve the food longer.
  • Pasteurization

    Pasteurization was discovered by Louis Pasteur. He heated foods to a very high temperature, then cooled it down quickly which killed most existing bacteria.
  • Flash-freezing

    Flash-freezing food was developed by Clarence Birdseye. This quickly cools food to a frozen state which stops growth of bacteria.
  • Portable Refrigerator

    The first portable refrigerator was invented by Ohio which allows food to be transported without spoiling.
  • Foods transported to moon

    The first foods were transported to the moon. The astronauts took the freeze-dried foods with them to the moon.
  • Irradiation

    Irradiation of foods was approved by the USDA where they expose foods to an irradiation field.