Food Preservation

  • 8000 BCE

    Early People

    They did not have much knowledge on how to preserve food but discovered that smoked meat lasted longer than normal cooked meat
  • 6500 BCE

    Around 6500 BCE

    Salt mines were discovered in austria and people found that when added to food (salt) the food could be eaten longer
  • 800 BCE

    800 BCE

    Ancient greeks discovered that you could preserve food by using ice or snow. Freezing food slows the growth of bacteria
  • 1803

    about 2600 years after the discovery of freezing food. the found that storage containers also helped prevent the growth of bacteria
  • 1810

    A french chef discovered that by cooking food the immediately placing it in metal cans preserves it for longer periods of time
  • 1864

    Pasteurization a method where you heat food to really high temperatures then u cool it immediately after, killing all the bacteria
  • 1925

    flash freezing food to a really cold temperature to stop the growth of bacteria
  • 1949

    A portable refrigerating unit was made for trucks and cars transporting food
  • 1969

    Freeze drying food so it lasts longer. This started when food started to be transported to the moon/space.
  • 1990

    Irradiation.Foods that are safe do not absorb radiation according to scientists. This method is widely used with strawberries, dried spices and poultry.