Focus on Instruction

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    Focus on Instruction

  • Reading in the content area training for all staff

  • Departments select specific applicable reading strategies

  • Departments identify common strategies

  • Common Instructional Framework- BEEPDeveloped

  • CTE teachers PBL training

  • CLT's develop lessons which integrate the strategies

  • Mandatory TI-84 calculator usage policy implemented

  • Targeted reading training with specific staff

  • Math Consultant begins working with Math Dept.

  • Launch 1-1 computing pilot with 2 teachers

  • Focus on vocabulary instruction

  • Math teachers trained on the use of manipulatives

  • Focus on questioning techniques -Quadrant D

  • PBL Design Institute- 3 day workshop

  • 5 day Tech Camp for all staff

  • BEEP Implemented

  • Math BEEP lesson plan template implemented

  • Expand 1-1 pilot to 10 teachers