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    Freddy was only menat to get you once time ran out.
    Easter eggs include honking freddys nose on poster, phantom posters of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and teh Animatronics staring at the camera. ANd finally missing children easter eggs.
  • Characters

    Chica got inspiration from Henessy Chuck'eCheese and Early Bird Mcdonald's and The Chica Show
    Bonnie was the main jump scarer in early gam development. Possibly derived form Chuck'eCheese mascots Mr.Munch and Jasper.
    Foxy base don one of Scott's sons, and his body is mangled based on a bumpy road trip which made Foxy hard to model. Possibly form Rolfe de Wolfe and Foxy Roxy. Freddy's theme song is a rendition of George Bizets 'Toreador song' from the opera carmen. Could be billy bob or Chuck.
  • FNAF 1 Released

    Creepy character design in Chipper and Sons would lead to FNAF creation. First submitted to greenlight program June 2014, but was closed. Revealed that Freddy was originally named Freddybear. Was closed following ay, eh used his own budget.
  • Demo Launch

    Demo Launch
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  • iPhone version released