First Lord's Fury By Jim Butcher

  • the Cane leave cania

    After the events of the previous book where the last of the cane strongholds were destroyed by the vord the reaming cane lead by Varg flee to alera.
  • octavian arives in alera

    Gaius Octavian, the rightful first lord of alera, arrives with the cane off the coast of alera around Antillvs.
  • vord queen offers surender

    After an unsuccessful attack on Octavian’s forces the Vord queen performs massive water sending in which she speaks to all of the alerians and offers a peaceful surrender on the condition that they never have any children.
  • Octavian anounces his presence

    Octavian uses another watersending to announce his presence to all of Alera, and try to get them to keep hope.
  • The First Lady is kidnaped

    The Vord queen kidnaps the First Lady, Octavian’s mother, to gain leverage over him.
  • the legions use ice sleds to cros alera

    The legions repurpose the boats and turn them into ice sleds and cross the country as fast as possible.
  • octavian sells the shealed wall

    In return for a sheet of ice that stretches all the way from Antilvs to Phrygia, Octavian sold the shield wall to the icemen.
  • battle begines at garison

    The Vord begin to lay siege to the last stronghold in all of Alera
  • octavian destroys the gate of riva

    Octavian uses furycrafting to destroy the main gate of Riva
  • octavian marthches on the calderon vally

    After destroying the food stores of the vord in riva he marches to the Calderon valley on the backs of the cane.
  • high lords atack the vord queen

    All of the remaining high lords and lades attack together.
  • octavian arives at the calderon valley

    In a last ditch effort to end the war all of the high lords attack at the same time to try to kill the vord queen.
  • the first lady is rescued and the invidia is killed

    The traitor, and former high lady is killed by the high lords as they rescue the queen.
  • first lord octavian engages the vord queen

    the first lord arrives at the battle and enters one on one combat with the vord queen.
  • the vord queen atemps to bind two great furyies

    the vord queen allmost binds two great furries of the same power that destroied alera imperia
  • first lord defeats the Vord queen

    The first lord defeats the vord queen in combat.
  • tavi and kiti are maryed