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    My gaming career plan

  • First system

    First system
    I finished tee ball a little bit earlier and on my 8th birthday i got my first game system. The playstation one just came out and I am sure it was a way for mom to keep me out of sports so she didn't have to worry about me getting hurt. This is where I really started gaming, slowly and surely.
  • Recieved my second consel

    Recieved my second consel
    The playstation came out a month before I actually got it. The playstation broke and mom got me the playstation 2 and thats when I really started gaming more often then none.
  • Systems I have played by this time.

    Systems I have played by this time.
    BY my 8th birthday I had played a bunch of systems both old and new. The oldest system I had played was the first nintendo console ever made. I had also gotten to play a sega and now had access to a nintendo 64. I also had played super nintendo with mario and everything.
  • Getting more interested.

    Getting more interested.
    By this time I had aquired hand held video games such as the gameboy up to the gameboy advance sp. This widend my knowledge of gaming and greatly increased my interest in gaming. I had one on me often and when around friends, we normally hung out playing gamboys and video games.
  • Thinking about gaming for a living.

    Thinking about gaming for a living.
    By this time I am far into gaming having most of the updated and recent games such as the wii down to the super ninetendo. I have played a vast amount of games of all kinds from the first mario up to Call of Duty and splinter cell. I have gained an interest to actually start thinking about doing games for a living.
  • Mind made up.

    Mind made up.
    I have played the first ninetendo up to the xbox360 now and a bit of playstation 3 and xbox kinect. I have had much experiance in playing games and by this time I have had time to develope my skills and everything to decide I want a career with gaming and it was a sure thing for my future.
  • Starting.

    On this date I was thinking of starting to apply myself to get into the Academy of Arts University. This college will have what I want to be able to design and create games.
  • Everything coming together.

    Everything coming together.
    By this time I expect to have my masters in game design and programming and starting my dream job of creating games. I also expect to have a job with a company that is great with pay and great with my imagination where I can freely express my gaming knowledge and imagination.