Firearms in criminal history

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    History of firearms

  • matchlock musket

    matchlock musket
    Produced in Suhl, ca in 1630, The barrel was 102,5 cm in length and it shot a 19,7 mm ball. The total weight of the musket was 4600 grams. The match lock musket was preferred because it had a lever with a wick that lit the gunpowder instead on manually lighting it.
  • The Blunderbuss

    The Blunderbuss
    The Blunderbuss was a short musket that had the end of the barrel flared out to scatter the shot. It was about 4 inches long. This was used up until the 1800's, before the shotgun took its place.
  • Kentucky Long Rifle

    Kentucky Long Rifle
    The Kentucky Long Rifle was used in the newly frontier buy trappers and hunters because of its long range. It was a 50. caliber rifle with a curly maple stock and was 42 inches in length.
  • Harper's ferry

    Harper's ferry
    The Model 1795 was a smooth-bore, single-shot, flintlock-based musket and the first such weapon system to be produced within the United States.
  • Allen & Thurber Single-Shot

    Allen & Thurber Single-Shot
    The Allen & Thurber single-shot pistol was developed for competition shooting. It was a single-shot pistol based on the percussion firing principle set in the .41 caliber.
  • Colt Dragoon

    Colt Dragoon
    The Colt "Dragoon" (meaning "Dragon" in French) was the brainchild of Samuel Colt himself and went on to become one of his most sucsessfull revolver creations in firearm history.
  • Burnside Carbine

    Burnside Carbine
    The Burnside Carbine was a popular carbine rifle fielded across all of the major battlefronts of the American Civil War. The weapon was designed by Ambrose E. Burnside from whince the carbine got it's name.
  • Gatling Gun

    Gatling Gun
    The first patent was issued for the Gatling Gun in 1861. A six barreled revolving gun that could fire up to 200 shots per minute. For its time, this was a hailstorm of lead that would out shoot anything on the battlefield
  • Colt Single action revolver (colt .45/the peacemaker)

    Colt Single action revolver (colt .45/the peacemaker)
    The Colt firearms firm certainly hit its stride in the 1800s, helped no doubt by the American Civil War and goings on along the western frontier. Used by outlaws and sheriffs alike, it was the preferred choice of firearm of it's time.
  • Glock

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    Gaston Glock
    Born (1929-07-19) 19 July 1929 (age 83)
    Nationality Austria
    Occupation Engineer
    Known for Founder of Glock
    Spouse Kathrin Glock
    Children Brigitte Glock
    Gaston Glock, Jr
    Robert Glock Gaston Glock is an Austrian engineer, and founder of the firearms company Glock. The well-regarded Glock "safe-action" pistol is used by security forces and law enforcement agencies in 48 countries. The process of producing the Glock pistol incl