Ferias De Cali

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  • gran explosión

    gran explosión
    a great explosion occurred in the city of Cali, a tragic event that generated ruins, loss of human lives and a notable economic recession in the city. The authorities resolved the following year to organize a fair as an opportunity to overcome the tragedy and an engine of economic recovery.
  • Feria taurina

    Feria taurina
    It is one of the most characteristic events of the Cali Fair. For several days, in the Bullring of Cañaveralejo, bullfights are held with the best bullfighters and livestock on the international scene, this being one of the most important bullfighting fairs in America.
  • Ferias De Cali

    Ferias De Cali
    Also called the Caña Fair, it is a festival held annually since 1957 in the Valle del Cauca city of Cali in Colombia that takes place between December 25 and 30. Its most important events are the Salsódromo and the so-called Superconcert.
  • rápido desarrollo económico

    rápido desarrollo económico
    Although in the short term it had a high social cost, since the works carried out demanded a large number of jobs, so many families came to the city to work on the works. Once these fair ends, unemployment grew alarmingly and this implied an economic recession in the city
  • la salsa comenzó a tomar más fuerza en la ciudad

    la salsa comenzó a tomar más fuerza en la ciudad
    standing out dancers, musicians, singers and composers, of them the most prominent was Jairo Varela who with his orchestra the Niche Group gave the salsa identity to the city
  • se crea Corfecali

    se crea Corfecali
    entity in charge of organizing, operating and producing cultural events of the city, but its missionary function since its creation has been the Fair to maintain and position it as the city's flagship event
  • Programación

    Since the 2008 fair began to change the organization of the fair. One of the most notable was the creation of the Fair motorway, consisting of the closure of the South Highway traffic between Carreras 56 and 39 (lanes from south to north) to install bleachers and the logistics necessary for the development of parades in a journey of about a kilometer and a half.
  • Salsódromo

    Created for the 2008 fair and replacing the ride as the opening act. It was an initiative created to reinforce the city's salsa identity, and reaffirm that positioning nationally and internationally as Salsa's World Capital
  • Chiquiferia

    Space created with events and mechanical attractions for children.
  • Cabalgata

    It was the opening act of the fair. It was canceled from the 57th edition of the Cali Fair.
  • Desfile del Autos Clásicos y Antiguos

    Desfile del Autos Clásicos y Antiguos
    Space where the owners of classic or luxury cars exhibit them through a pre-established route, sometimes using outfits associated with the car
  • Carnaval de Cali Viejo

    Carnaval de Cali Viejo
    Event created to remember and pay tribute to facts and characters that marked the development of Cali as a city. Comparsas with different themes are presented, as well as associations present to transmit messages through their comparsas.
  • Encuentro de Salsómanos, Melómanos y Coleccionistas:

    Encuentro de Salsómanos, Melómanos y Coleccionistas:
    Traditional event of the fair, where people passionate about music meet, salsa collectors and spectators in general. As of 2012, it takes place in the Pan American Courts, during the six days of the fair.
  • Reinado Panamericano de la Caña de Azúcar

    Reinado Panamericano de la Caña de Azúcar
    It has been carried out intermittently in different fairs and its purpose, in addition to enriching the fair's show offer, is to exalt the tradition of beautiful women of the city and integrate the brotherhood among the Pan American countries
  • Elección del disco de la feria

    Elección del disco de la feria
    It is a song that represents the spirit of the festivities every year. The management organization of the fair (Corfecali) has promoted an annual competition for citizens to choose the fair's disc for the current year. Local media collaborate with the management of the contest. The winning artist acquires a trophy and the right to play at the inaugural concert of the Cali Fair.
  • Eventos alternos

    Eventos alternos
    Around the Cali Fair there are other events that complement the city's fun and rumba offer, including
    Tascas Cultural and gastronomic offer during the fair season, meeting place and complement of the main events
  • Superconcierto

    Performed at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium and is generally the most important musical offer of the year. Renowned artists and exponents of various musical genres are presented.2