Famous Scientist Timeline

  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    He invented the light bulb.
    It helped society because people now did not have to use candles and it made life much easier.
  • Sir Humphry Davy

    Sir Humphry Davy
    Made the Miner lamp.
    It helped society because it gave people light when it was really dark for when they were mining to get coal and other stuff they might find in the cave.
  • John Walker

    John Walker
    He invented matches.
    It helped society because people could use the matches to light their candles because their was no electricity back then so they had to use candles. Sometimes people would strike back and put gasoline around the house then set the fire so the house would burn,
  • John Deere

    John Deere
    He invented the cast steel plow.
    It helped society because the tool helped make farming faster and helped make more food to help meet more peoples needs.
  • Henrey Bessemer

    Henrey Bessemer
    he invinted a conventer.
    It helped society because converters allow the engine to run while the transmission and wheels are stopped.
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell
    He inivinted the telephone.
    It effected society because it made it where people could call or make important phone calls instead of going to somebodies house to tell them the information.
  • Wright Brothers

    Wright Brothers
    He invented airplanes.
    It helped society because it gave people rides when they had to go somewhere really far.
  • Willis Carrier

    Willis Carrier
    He invented the air conditioner.
    it helped society because when it was maybe hot or cold people could cool or heat there house.
  • Philo.T Farnsworth

    Philo.T Farnsworth
    He invents electronic televison.
    It helped society because when people are bored they could what tv.
  • Wallace Carothers

    Wallace Carothers
    He invented synthetic fibers nylon.
    It helped society because it made it were more people could were colored clothing.
  • George washigation carver

    George washigation carver
    He found out about peanuts.
    It helped society because now people could make peanut butter and eat delicious peanuts.
  • Jorg Schvaich

    Jorg Schvaich
    He invented the solar tower.
    It helped society because it made it were people could collect solar energy to help power more peoples homes.