family time line

  • close

    the boys were v shape shirts and where heels for shoes.
  • green and yellow

    green and yellow
    they have green and yellow things in their house
  • kid close

    kid close
    boys whare a stripe shirt and tie and differnt pantsand the girls have dress
  • cars

    they have diffrent cars in the 1970s
  • 1970s shoe

    1970s shoe
    they have differnt shoes
  • 1970s house

    1970s house
    thier house might be differnt than other houses so as the inside
  • 1970s movie

    1970s movie
    they had movies in 1970s
  • 1970s park

    1970s park
    they have a different park
  • 1970s games

    1970s games
    they had board games in 1970s like sorry