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Family History

  • Great Grandmother born

    Great Grandmother born
    My great grandmother, Juanita Lopez was born, November 28, 1923.
  • Great Grandparents married

    Great Grandparents married
    My great grandparents married at the age of twenty Four. And soon had 10 children including my grandmother.
  • Grandmother was Born

    Grandmother was Born
    My Grandmother, Alicia Reyes, was born on May 29, 1953.
  • The Vietnam War.

    The Vietnam War.
    Although the Vietnam War started in 1955 it lasted until 1975 showing that my grandmother had to live through it. The conflict was between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. My Grandmother states that two of her brothers went into the Vietnam war. she stated that "she felt as if she was never going to see them again, because I heard of all the things that happened there". My grandmother went on to say that she had to live with the aftermath caused by the War.
  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy. Oswald was arrested a short time later, but he was killed by Jack Ruby when being transferred to the county jail. My grandmother states that she knew of JFK and that he was our president at the time, but that the only thing she remembers is that her parents where sad because her parents knew what JFK was doing against racism.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

    Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader and activist. On April 14, 1968, King was shot and killed by James Earl Ray. My grandmother said that, "I began to cry when I found out of Martin Luther Kings passing". She stated that although racism was bare in El Paso, it was still there. She gave an example, " My sister, Amparo Woo, was attending Bowie Highschool, and when she asked for an application for College, her counselor just said that she had papers for the factory to go work at".
  • Married

    My Grandmother and Grandfather became married. My grandmother was only seventeen.
  • Uncle's Return Home from Vietnam War.

    Uncle's Return Home from Vietnam War.
    Her brother's, Arturo Torres and Mario Torres return from war. Sadly they returned different men. She said, " yes my brothers returned, it was the most happiest day of my life. The only thing is when someone would jnock they would scream out of fear. They also began to drink a lot and do many drugs. At times they would come home and try to fight with my parents or any of my siblings.
  • First Son Born

    Jose Reyes was born 7-7-71, my grandmother's first born.
  • Second Child Born.

    Second Child Born.
    Veronica Reyes, my mother, was born June 26th 1974. This was her second child at age 19.
  • Richard Ramirez

    Richard Ramirez
    Richard Ramirez went to Jefferson high school with my uncles.
  • Third Child born

    Cynthia Reyes was born 8-3-8. She was born with a disease called Spina Bifida.
  • Challenger

    Space shuttle Challenger launched on January 28, 1986. Christa McAuliffe, a teacher, was aboard the spacecraft. Challenger exploded just 73 seconds after takeoff, an accident that occurred due to several factors. My grandmother states that she was actually viewing this on TV when it exploded. She went on to say that, just as before her dreams where intertwined in the space shuttle launch, this time they where too. She felt as if her dreams where crushed.
  • George W. bush becomes President.

    In the 2000 election, George Bush won the presidency even though Al Gore won more popular votes. The election results were challenged, but Bush eventually took office. He was elected to a second term in 2004. She said, " I didn't like the fact Bush won the election, I actually voted for Al Gore. She went on to say that Bush might've only won because of his father's name.
  • 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, terrorists took control of four airplanes. They crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York and one plane into the Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This was the deadliest attack ever to occur on American soil. Her comments where, " I remember watching the TV, wondering to myself if it was a movie or if it was happening in real life. You could see people falling from buildings,". As she said this she looked up crying.
  • 2006 Flood.

    2006 Flood.
    The 2006 flood happened in El Paso, TX. This flood gave El Paso on average ten inches of rain per day. My grandmother says," I'm thankful that I live in central because although it was racing a lot, my house never once got flooded."
  • Barrack Obama becomes President.

    Barack Obama was voted the president of the United States. He was the first African American person elected to this position. My grandmother says that she actually voted for Obama and was happy to see that "change" was occurring.
  • Barrack Obama.

    Barrack Obama.
    When Barrack Obama came, my uncle went on top of the Wells Fargo building and asked for the president to give more money to veterans.
  • Osama bin Ladin Killed.

    Osama bin Laden was the head of al-Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011. On May 2, 2011, U.S. forces invaded his compound in Pakistan. Bin Laden was killed in the raid. She said, " it's good that they killed him,he deserved to die because all the evil things he did in his life.