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Fallout Online

  • Interplay files 8-K for Fallout Online

    In November 2006, Interplay, headed by Herve Caen, filed a Form 8-K filing to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding a potential Fallout massively multiplayer online game
  • Bethesda Softworks buys Fallout IP

    n April 2007, Bethesda Softworks, the developer of Fallout 3, purchased full rights to the Fallout IP for $5.75 million USD. While Bethesda now owned the rights to the Fallout MMO IP as well, clauses in the purchase agreement state allowed Interplay to license the rights to the development of the MMO. [2] Specific requirements were stated in the agreement that if not met, Interplay would immediately lose and forfeit its license rights for Fallout. Development must have begun within 24 months of
  • Interplay hires Jason D. Anderson

    In November 2007, Interplay reopened in-house development and hired Fallout developer Jason D. Anderson as creative director for an unannounced MMO[6]. Given the aforementioned facts, it's most likely that the game Anderson was working on is Interplay's Fallout MMO, given that he was the contact name of Interplay's jobs appliance and that Fallout was referred in the job requirements[7]. In March 2009, Anderson left Interplay and joined InXile Entertainment.
  • Interactive Game Group invests into Fallout Online

    On June 30, 2008, it was announced that Interactive Game Group, LLC (created by Frederic Chesnais, former Chief Executive Officer of Atari, which now also owns MicroProse) purchased 2,000,000 shares of Interplay stock, as consideration for entering into a game production agreement, likely related to Fallout Online.
  • Interplay-Masthead Studios Pact to make Fallout Online

    On April 2, 2009 Interplay announced a binding letter of intent with Masthead Studios, a Bulgarian-based developer, to fund the development of a post-apocalyptic MMO codenamed Project V13, which has been all but confirmed to be the aforementioned Fallout MMO. Masthead and Interplay teams will work together under the direction and control of Interplay to complete development of the project.
  • Period: to

    Alpha Development of Fallout Online

    The assumed development period from 2009 to the beta to take place
  • Bethesda recinds the Fallout License

    On April 15, 2009, it was announced that Bethesda Softworks moved to rescind the Fallout MMORPG license
  • Chris Taylor denies loss of rights

    On July 15, 2009 Interplay's Project V13 developer Chris Taylor posted a reply on the Interplay website "Project V13" Forum thread refuting the claims that Interplay lost the rights to the Fallout MMORPG.
  • Bethesda sue Interplay

    On September 8, 2009 Bethesda filed its original lawsuit against Interplay in the Maryland District Court in Baltimore.
  • Period: to

    Interplay v Bethesda legal battle

    The Vault article pertaining to Bethesda v Interplay. The case seeks to close by 18th December, 2011.
  • Intplery launches counter-lawsuit

    In October 2009, Interplay filed its own counter-lawsuit, arguing Bethesda is in breach of contract and the contract to sell the rights to the series to Bethesda is null and void and Interplay owns the franchise again.
  • First injunction denined.

    On December 10, 2009, Bethesda's motion for preliminary injunction was denied.
  • Bethesda fires first legal team

    Bethesda was unhappy with DLA Piper, one of the world's biggest law firms, which represented them until now, and has hired a different, and much smaller firm - Steptoe & Johnson LLP. Bethesda's new counsel is Howard H. Stahl.
  • Fallout Online announaced.

    On June 15, 2010, the game was officially announced as Fallout Online.
  • Armageddon Rag Vol. 1

  • Armageddon Rag Vol. 2

  • Armaggedon Rag Vol 3

  • Bethesda adds to claims

    In December 2010, Bethesda added the claim that Interplay only licensed the rights to use the Fallout name and not any other elements of the Fallout games. This claim is disputed by Interplay.
  • Armageddon Rag Vol 4

    Link It confirms Ghouls as a race as well as several weapons and items such as the AKA-47 and the Super Duper Stimpak.
  • Bethesda file for another injunction

    On June 9, 2011, Bethesda filed for another injunction on grounds that there was infringement of the license that hurt's Bethesda's gameplay. This is on the assumption that the story in Fallout Online will alter the story to a damaging level to Bethesda Softwork's future developments such as the speculated Fallout 4.
  • Second injuction denied

    In August 2011, the injunction was denied, and Bethesda appealed the ruling to the United States Court of Appeal.
  • Bethesda appeals Injunction

    After Bethesda Softworks' motion for preliminary injunction against Interplay Entertainment was denied again, Bethesda now appeals the court ruling on that again as well.
  • Bethesda Restraining Order denined

    The legal battle extends to Masthead Studios as well as Interplay with the court denying Bethesda the restraining order due to the months passed before applying for such an order with the judge implying that the order was a manifestation of urgency was of their own making. Source
  • Second Injunction Denied

    The Story The long standing war between Interplay and Bethesda got an interesting turn in U.S. Court of Appeals, who ruled against Bethesda in the appeal of the 2nd injunction against Interplay. This allows the trial by jury to commence on December 12, 2011
  • Court date for the lawsuit

    The date set for the lawsuit and counter lawsuit.
  • Period: to

    Fallout Online Beta

    The postulated period for the Beta.
  • Period: to

    Fallout Online Release Period

    Its projected to be released late 2012 (Q3-Q4).