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  • Finding a new home

    Finding a new home
    Eli and his family first go to Hawaii because that is where Eddie who they long thought was dead and who thought that they had been too was living. They stay there for a while but can't stay for long as they have to head back to Seattle and find a permanent home and to keep running the business a tech firm that there father Rex Yanakakis owned and ran.
  • Rex Yanakakis's Will

    Rex Yanakakis's Will
    While the family stays in there new and secured home, there mother Clea, Eddie and Eli have to go to a meeting of the board members to decide what will happen next. There mother thinks she has the right to it run the company but it is clearly stated by the wishes of Rex that the company is left to Eli and Eddie when they turn 18 so for now they just have an internship of sorts there. The Company is then left in the vice presidents hands who's name is Phill Whittaker.
  • Rex Yanakakis's Secrets

    Rex Yanakakis's Secrets
    The family is settling in to there new life but Eddie is very unhappy that he can't see any of his friends as they were all in Hawaii and he spends most of his calling them instead of being with the family. Everyone else has to buy new clothes and everything. Eli and Eddie get wrapped up in working at the company at different jobs and Eli finds out some sketchy transactions and research in a drive in his fathers research facilty.
  • The family outings

    The family outings
    The family decides to go on outings to get out of the house and to not revert there new house into another "compound" that they had just escaped from. The first trip they take is a day at the aquarium . Some of the family is sick however so only Eli, Eddie, take Quinn and Carra. Quinn ends up getting lost and a helpful kid named Tony finds him and reunites him with the group. Eddie becomes friends with.
  • Another one

    Another one
    The family this time goes to a baseball game and Eddie convinces everyoen that his new friend Tony is alright to come along becuase he doesn't know about them being the Yanakakis family.
  • Tying up loose ends

    Tying up loose ends
    Clea there mother has to travel to one of there houses in Texas and sign some paperwork as they are going to liquidate all there extra assets. She really doesn't want to leave all her kids and so Eli and Eddie convince her that they can go with Lexie and it will be a big fun adventure. Eli suggests they take Tony. Clea agrees.
  • Some fun

    Some fun
    Eli becoming jealous that Eddie and Tony are becoming closer then he and his twin brother, becomes aware of some late night escapades that where Eddie disappears from his room for hours at a time. Eli insists that Eddie comes along. Eli finds out that Tony is pretty cool and they all basically just go out in the city and fool around and whistle at girls and other such male highschool age type activities.
  • A trap! And Secrets Revealed

    A trap! And Secrets Revealed
    When they finally get to board the private plane to leave they get drugged by Tony and are taken to an island where they find out Rex is actaully alive and that Phill Whittaker helped him escape to this island where he continued his highly funded research in a huge facility. His research was to create a machine that would reverse age. It worked and the only living subject that it worked on was Phill Whittaker himself who reverted to his younger self. Who was now "Tony"
  • Victory

    Eddie happy that his dad is alive is mad at Eli who immedatily tries to attack Rex. Eli and Lexie finally tell Eddie about all the messed up things Rex did, and together Eli, Eddie and Lexie escape Rex and trigger the island because it's rigged to explode, and they all live happy lives in seattle with there family.
  • Period: to

    The Fallout