Fahrenheit 451 Inventions since 1953

  • Microscope

    Advantage- Microscopes help humans see stuff that is not visible to the naked eye.
    Disadvantage- There is a limitation to the size of things that people can look at through the microscope.
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    Fahrneheit 451 Inventions since 1953

  • Weather Satellite

    Advantage- Covers an image of a large geographical area.
    Disadvantage-Uses up a lot of energy. Easily interfered with other objects.
  • Compact Disc

    Advantage- Holds a lot of media. Easy to carry (portable).
    Disadvantage- Stops working if it is scratched. Easily broken.
  • Cell Phone

    Advantage-Helps people communicate from far distances.
    Disadvantage- Causes rude habits. They also have dropped calls. Not everywhere is there service.
  • Microsoft

    Advantage- Runs many games. Allows people to download games.
    Disadvantage- Reportable security issues
  • Space Shuttle

    Advantage- Helps with satellite delivery and advances researches for science.
    Disadvantage- It can have delays for the time of launch. Can end in a fatal crash.
  • EBay

    Advantage- Enables people to sell or buy something online.
    Disadvantage- People aren't allowed to see the product in person before they buy it.
  • DVD

    Advantage- Store movies, music, and pictures.
    Disadvantage- Liable to break. Degrades over time.
  • XBOX

    Advantage-Enables people to play games against eachother online.
    Disadvantage- System could be defected. Bad connection breaks up online games.
  • iPod

    Advantage- Voted best music system qualities in the world.
    Disadvantages- Batteries don't last long. It has also been reported that iPods are very hard to setup.