FACS Timeline Activity

  • Mary B. Welch

    Mary B. Welch
    In 1871, Mary Welch began making lectures on housekeeping which was first seen as a home economics course. Mary spent more than fifteen years advocating for women to be in schools
  • School Lunch Program

    School Lunch Program
    First nutritional lunch school program in Boston by Ellen Richards
  • 1909: Home Economics Association

    In 1909, the first home economics association was held
  • Smith Hughes Act

    Smith-Hughes Act, formally National Vocational Education Act, U.S. legislation, adopted in 1917, that provided federal aid to the states for the purpose of promoting precollegiate vocational education in agricultural and industrial trades and in home economics.
  • Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics

    The USDA Bureau of Home Economics becomes the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics
  • Accreditation

    Finally, in 1961, accreditation of undergraduate programs in home economics began