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Extra Credit By Andrew Clemets Timeline

By madijj
  • Exposition 1: Backround

    Exposition 1: Backround
    Sadeed is a young boy who lives in Kabul, Afghaniston and since it is improper for a boy to write to a girl,and his sister isn't as thoruoghly educated as he is, he is supposed to help his younger sister write to a girl his age in America. She tells him what to write and he writes it, and she signs it.
  • Exposition: Characters

    Exposition: Characters
    Sadeed is almosrt twelve years old and has a sister,mother, and father.Abby is eleven years old and lives with her mom dad, and older brother.
  • Exposition 2: setting

    Exposition 2: setting
    The story takes place in two completly different places. Illonis, and Afghaniston.In Kabul Afghaniston, and Lindsdale Illonis.
  • Rising Action: CONFLICT

    Rising Action: CONFLICT
    Abby's teacher explains to her that she is failing the sixth grade and needs to do some sort of extra credit project to get her grades up. Abby agrees and promises to work extra hard and try and get her grades up.
  • Rising Action:1

    Rising Action:1
    Abby goes to Mrs.Beckland for advice on how to get her grades up.Mrs.Beckland has an extra credit box, which has slips of paper in it with extra credit projets on it.But once you pick one you cant put it back.Abby reaches into the box and pulls out a slip of paper that says pen-pal.
  • Rising action:2

    Rising action:2
    The directionas say that she must keep all of the letters that she receives and make copies of them to post on a bulletin board in a classroom.Then when she has all of her letters on the bulletin board she will present her project to the class.
  • Rising Action:3

    Rising Action:3
    Abby sends her first letter to her pen-pal in afghaniston.
  • Rising Action:4

    Rising Action:4
    After receiving her first letter abby has learned alot about her pen-pal. The girls name is Amira,she is in the fourth grade,is in a family of four,and Abby received three drawings done by her older brother,Sadeed.
  • Rising Action:5

    Rising Action:5
    Abby writes back to her telling her some stuff about herself,how she's in a family of four too, how she loves to climb,she sends her some photos,and tels her ab out how she's failing the sixth grade and is doing this for extra credit.
  • Rising Action:6

    Rising Action:6
    Abby gets Amira's letter but this time there are two letters for her from afghaniston.One from Amira, the other from Amira's older brother Sadeed
  • Rising Action:7

    Rising Action:7
    The letter from Amira is normal, she tells a little more to Abby about herself,but when she opens the second letter its all different. The letter from Sadeed explains to her that he is the one who has been writing these letters,and that Amira just tells him what to write. He must do this because he is the best student in his class, writes very well, and that in his contry its improper for a boy to write to a girl.He explains in the letter that she can't tell anyone about the letter,or about him.

    Meanwhile in Kabul, Afghaniston, Sadeed was taking a different route home from school, when a stranger stopped him, and grabbed his arm.He threatened to hurt him, and asked him why he had a letter from America in his hand.He asks him why he is writing to a girl,and said that its shameful that girls go to school here. Sadeed can clearly trll that this man really hates America and is trying to scare him.Sadeed escapes the mans grasp, and runs all the way home.
  • Falling Action:1

    Falling Action:1
    Once Sadeed was home he grabbed Amira and they went to see there school teacher Mahoomed.Once there Sadeed tells Mahhomed all thats happened to him on the way back from school. He told him about the strange m an,what he loked like,what he said to Sadeed,and how much he disliked America.
  • Falling Action:2

    Falling Action:2
    Mahoomed listens and tells Sadeed to go to the village leader,Akhbar,Khan,and to not tell anyone about this.
  • Falling Action:3

    Falling Action:3
    Once Sadeed goes to where AkhBar Khan lives, he talks with him and tells him all that had happened and that his school teacher Mahhomed, sent him.
  • Falling Action:4

    Falling Action:4
    After discussing with his other collegues and teachers AkhBar Khan has decided thart for the saftey of Sadeed and the village people,he must not write ton Abby anymore.
  • Falling Action:5

    Falling Action:5
    Sadeed sends one last letter to Abby explaining how he had met a strange man who threatend to hurt him,he disliked America,and he was questioning Sadeed on why he had a letter from an american girl in his hand.
  • Resolution:1

    Abby presents all of the letters that she received from Amira,(except for the secret one from Sadeed himself)posted them on a bulliten board,and shared what she learned about her pen-pal to her classmates and teacher.
  • Resolution:2

    Abby received her last letter from Sadeed,explaining how he can't write to her anymore.He tells her about the man who threatened his village,and for the saftey of his people and himself,he will not be writing to her anymore. He enjoyed it very much and will never forget her.
  • Resolution:3

    Abby has accomplished her goal and has completed the sixth grade and will be able to go into the seventh.Now she can relax and enjoy her summer. She was happy that she got the oppertunity to write to Sadeed though.She learned alot about him and Amira,and is sorry that they can't continue writing to each other,but she will never forget him,neither will he.