Evolution Timeline

  • Carolus Linnaeus

    -Swedish physician & botanist whose passion was taxonomy.
    -developed a hierarchial classifications scheme & binomial nomenclature
  • James Hutton

    -Scottish geologist who offered an alternative to catastrophism
    -proposed that the Earth was millions of years instead of a few thousands old
    -preferred hypothesis for profound geologic change = gradualism
  • Jean Baptiste Lamarck

    -hypothesized that traits of species are not immutable, they can evolve
    -stated that changes are adaptations to environment are acquired in an organisms lifetime
    -acquired changes were passed to offsprin
    -if you don't use it, you lose it
    -traits could be passed to offsprings
  • Thomas Malthus

    -English demographer
    -hypothesis: plants anaimals are capable of producing far more offspring than resources can support; "struggle for existence" is an inescapable consequence
    -each species struggles for: food, living space, mates
  • Georges Cuvier

    -French anatomist who largely developed paleontology, the study of fossils
    -deeper strata (old rock) contain older taxa
    -preferred hypothesis for profound geologic change= catastrophism
    -stated that species disappeared due to a catastrophic evernt of the earth's crust
  • Charles Lyell

    (1797 - 1875)
    -Scottish geologist who incorporated Hutton's gradualism into the theory of uniformitarianism
    -geological processes at uniform rates building and wearing down earth's crust
  • Charles Darwin

    Natural Selection
    -variation: inheritable features vary from individual to individual
    -survival of the fit: those with more adaptive traits tend to survive longer and/or produce the most offspring; these are the "naturally selected"
  • Alfred Russel Wallace

    -English bilogist who also (independently) conceived of natural selection as the principal mechanism of adaptive evolution
    -organisms evolved from common ancestors