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Evoultion's Role in History

By JAK2015
  • Period: to

    Events in the History of Evolution

  • Linnaeus

    Carl von Linne created the system we still use today to divied all life into kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species. Sometime in 1735.
  • Comte De Buffon

    Comte De Buffon
    Buffon speculated that evoultion happens folowing the natural laws. He suggests that humans and apes are related somehow. Sometime in 1749
  • First Bank :)

    First Bank :)
    The First Bank of The United States is chartered by congress on this day.
  • Bill of Rights :)

    Bill of Rights :)
    The United States Bill of Rights was ratified on this day
  • Mozart died

    Mozart died
    One of the worlds greatest composers, Mozart, died at 1:00 am on this day at the age of 35, following a short illness
  • Zoonomia (Influenced)

    Zoonomia (Influenced)
    Eresmus Darwin, Charles Darwins grandfather, asks if it's possible that all of the warm blooded animals to have arisen from one living filament; if life evolved or if it transumate? He publishes his work sometime in 1794.
  • Ohio becomes state

    Ohio becomes state
    On this date, Ohio becomes the 17th state of the United States of America
  • Lamarck

    Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck believed that living things evolved over time to become more complex and better adapted for the enviornment.
  • Steamboat :)

    Steamboat :)
    Robert Fulton patents the steamboat on this day.
  • Period: to

    Darwin's life

  • Cuvier

    Georges Cuvier explains fossils saying a serries of catastrophes wiped out pervious life and says that past lifeforms did NOT evolve into present forms today.
  • Harvard :)

    Harvard :)
    The Harvard School of Law was founded sometime in 1817.
  • Mississippi becomes 20th state :)

    Mississippi becomes 20th state :)
    Mississippi becomes the 20th state of the United States of American.
  • Lyell (Influecial)

    Lyell (Influecial)
    Charles Lyell was a mentor to Darwin. He said the Earth and other life forms undergo a 'slow change'.
  • Inidian Removal Act :)

    Inidian Removal Act :)
    The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on this day
  • Beagle Voyage begins

    Beagle Voyage begins
    Darwins voyage to map the South American coast line begins
  • Beagle Voyage ends

    Beagle Voyage ends
    Darwin returns with fossils from South America to support his theorys.
  • Lord Kelvin

    Lord Kelvin
    First known as William Thompson, Lord Kelvin calculated the age of the Earth. At first he says its 100 million year old but the says it is between 20 to 400 million years old.
  • Wallace (Influencial)

    Wallace (Influencial)
    Alfred Russle Wallace was struck by the theory of natural selection in the same way Darwin was, He prompted Darwin to publish his book, Orgin of Species.
  • Orgin of Species

    Orgin of Species
    The Origin of species is Darwins book that describes his veiws on articicail selection and natural selection. The publication challenges biblical literalism, but was the most influencial works writen on evolution.
  • Mendel

    Gregor Mendel, a monk, published a detailed paper on the passing of traits. He work went unnoticed until the 20th century when his 'units' are now known as genes, and that traits are passed in pairs,
  • Descent of Man

    Descent of Man
    Darwin published another book explaining his idea of sexual selection. Individuals must not only be fit to survie, but also irristable to the opposite sex.
  • Horse Fossils ( Wished D. would've known)

    Horse Fossils ( Wished D. would've known)
    Thomas Huxely and Charles March discovered that a horses have a four toed ancestor by studing fossils. They predicted that a five toed ancestor existed at one time.
  • Radioactivity ( Wished D. would've known)

    Radioactivity ( Wished D. would've known)
    Antoine Henri Becquerel used rock dating to prove that the Earth is more than 4 billion years old. This gave enough time for the idea of gradual evolution to be true.
  • Olympics :)

    Olympics :)
    The first Modern Olympics began on this day in Athens, Greece.
  • NeoDarwinism

    This is an updated theory that genetic mutation caused new trait in organisims. This became the foundation of biology, known as "evolutionary synthesis".
  • DDT (wish D. would've known)

    DDT (wish D. would've known)
    DDT was used as an insecticide on crops in the 40s. The powerful srays mutated traits in the insects and incresed thier survival rates, just as Darwin perdicted. This resistance by the insects is evidance of rapid evolution.
  • Slinky :)

    Slinky :)
    The slinky was invented on this day
  • Hydrogen bomb :)

    Hydrogen bomb :)
    On this day President Harry S. Turman announces that the United States has developed a hydrogen bomb
  • DNA

    The discovery of the structure of DNA is currently the most important event in biology. Scientist knew that genes determined what traits were to be passed to offspring, but the double helix structure was the turning point for research in what genes are and how they work.
  • Humans and Apes

    Humans and Apes
    Vincent Sarich and Alfred Wilson found that humans are closley related to apes. They found many similarities in the DNA blueprints leading to their conclusion that humans and apes share over 98% of genes.
  • Lunar Orbiter 3 :)

    Lunar Orbiter 3 :)
    NASA launches the Lunar Orbiter 3 on this day
  • DNA Codes

    DNA Codes
    The advance in technology leads to a boom in DNA readings. Scientist could now see the evolution of organisims on a molecular level .
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    With an entire human genome completed, scientists had a new tool for understanding evolution. They discovered how closely related organisims are to each other.
  • 9/11

    Terrorist took c ontrol of 4 American airplanes. Two ened up crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City; that alone killing thosands of citizens