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Evolution Timeline

  • Bishop Usher

    Bishop Usher
    Archbishop James Ussher calculates that the creation of heaven and earth took place in 4004 BC. This figure is then used for the bible in english editions.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    The ancient question on weather life can araise from non living matter was tackled new way. Fransesco Redi showed why fly maggots often crop out putrified meat. They are not the result of spontaneus generations, but rather born from eggs to tiny naked eye to see.
  • Linnaeus´s

    Carl von Linne attemps to classify all life on earth. Hos system was to divide life into kingdoms, classes, orders, genera and spicies. Carl´s theory influenced in future naturalists like Charles Darwin.
  • Comte de Buffon

    Comte de Buffon
    Comete de Buffon spectaculates that living creatures evolve according to natural laws. Buffon even dares suggest that humans and apes are related, and that all life has descended from a single ancestror. His heredical ideas are later under preassure: "I abandond everyting in my book...contrary to narrative Moses"
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    Archdeacon William Paley "Natural Theology" holds that not only God´s existance but also his atrubuttes are manifest in the intricate forms of nature. Charles Darwin, as a young student, learned about Natural Theology.
  • Lamarck

    French naturalist Jean-Bapist de Lamarck proposes that living things evolve to become more complex through time. Lamarck claims that vital forces within creatures help them adapt to their enviroments.
  • Georges Cuvier

    Georges Cuvier
    The construction in mines in the early 19th century helped scientists and naturalists to find fossils and other extincts species. French naturalist Georges Cuvier explaind them. He agrues that a series of catastrophes wiped out certain life in the past. He also agrued that modern creatures evolved from some of this species.
  • Lyell

    Lyell discovers the earths geology in the 19th century. He echores his mentor who wrote the earths history has "no vestige of begining, no prospect for an end". Darwin will aply Lyell notion of gradual change of his theory of how species evolve.
  • Period: to

    Beagle Voyage

    Darwin started hos voyage. He wanted to know all nature law in diferent parts of the world and returned with many fossils from South America and creatures from the Galapagos Islands. Also with ideas from evolution.
  • Neanthertal

    A fossil found in Germany reveals that neanthertal where large-brained with heavy brows and big jaws.
  • Wallace

    Alfred Wallace a british explorer writes Malay Archipegalo. Has a theory on how speces might evole. Something Darwin might never thout about.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Charles Darwin makes the most influencal book about origin of species. It proposes wealth evidence and conhert theory about evolution.
  • Thomas Huxley

    Thomas Huxley
    While in the origin of species does not adress human evolution, critics assume. In a britishleading scientist, critics attack Darwin for unblessing humankind. Thomas Huxley also known as Darwin bull dog tries to rally on defense.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Some scientists still rejected evolution evolution, but only a few years after on the origin of species book, evolution mainstream science. Still the theory of how it happens (natural selection) is still dobuted.
  • Darwin explores The Descent of Man

     Darwin explores The Descent of Man
    Unlike in the origin of species Darwin talks about the importance of sexual selection in evolution.
  • Horse fossils reveal a story of evolution

    Horse fossils reveal a story of evolution
    Evidence of the evolution of horse makes headline news in the 1870s. Those fossils where from ancient horse called Phenacodus witch had more toes than the normal horse now at days.
  • Darwin´s Burial

    Darwin´s Burial
    Charles Darwin died in Western Abbey (England). Was attended by many scientists, politicians and others.
  • Radioactivity points to an ancient Earth

    Radioactivity points to an ancient Earth
    The discovery of radiactivity by Antonie Becquerel leads to stunning calculations of Earth´s age. Modern techniques show that earth is arround 4.3 billion years old. Ample time for Darwin´s gradual evolution to occur.
  • Piltdown Man

    Piltdown Man
    Critics and proponents of evolution await the discovery of a missing ink between man and apes. The fossil is called piltdown man, but in the 1950 the fossil is revealed to be fake.
  • First anti-evolution Bills

    First anti-evolution Bills
    Many anti-evolution abhore the idea that humans are closley related to apes and other animals. States like Oklahoma and other south states became ban evolution textbooks in public schools.
  • Man like Apes

    Man like Apes
    Raymond Dart announces that a prehistoric "man-like ape" has being found in Tangus South Africa.
  • Biology textbooks censored

    Biology textbooks censored
    Fearing lost of sells in the South and West textbooks removed from schools that had refrences of evolution in school.
  • Anti-Evolution Bills

    Anti-Evolution Bills
    35 new anti-evolution bills are propossed in 20 states and 3 state pass laws. Many states with political evolution ideas passed from restriction for teaching evolution
  • Neo-Darwinism

    Genetic research in the early 20th century where often made by fruit flies, sheds the light on nature inheriance and genetic mutuation. Genetics are seeing as the key on how new traits evolve and the fuel of evolution.
  • Evolution shunned in U.S. schools

    Evolution shunned in U.S. schools
    With textbooks effectively censorated by many concerns and anti-evolutionist ideas, the teaching of evolution hits a low point. Scientists estimated that less than a half of highschools teach evolution.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    In the 1974 the supreme court banns instruction religion in public schools.
  • Pope Pius XII

    Pope Pius XII
    Pope Pius considers evolution a serius hypothesis. He leads the way to catholics to accept human evolution and the diference between a soul and a human.
  • Origins of life

    Origins of life
    Stantley Millner created a experiment. He indicated that the first life on earth may have arsien through nat. process.
  • DNA

    Science evolution when naturalists discovered that genes determinate the traits of organisms and are passed by generations.
  • Humans and Apes

    Humans and Apes
    By studyng DNA scientist glimpse evolutionary history of human and apes. In 1971 Mary King and Allen Wilson, estimate that human and apres share about 98 percent of the genes they both have
  • Supreme Court strikes law against evolution

    Supreme Court strikes law against evolution
    The 1968 supreme court of Arkansas law a unconstitutional establishment of religion. This effectibly puts an end to laws barring the teaching of evolution in public schools.
  • DNA codes

    DNA codes
    For many decades, reading the sequence of letters of DNA was a painstacking process. Evolutionary scientist, now see as a molecular level, how DNA organisms have changed through time has evolved.
  • Textbook Desiclimers

    Textbook Desiclimers
    The school board of LA passes the requirement that evolution has thought. Evolution must be thought, student must be informed of the material is not intending to influence on Biblical textbooks.
  • Pope Poul II

    Pope Poul II
    By dishtinguing body and spirit, the Pope Pius opened the door for Catholic acceptance on evolution. Pope Poul proclaims that there is no essencial conflic between scientists evolutionary mids and the catholics.
  • Science standards

    Science standards
    An evolutionary study was made and more schools in the US had weak studies on the teaching of evolution.
  • Human genome

    Human genome
    Scientist evolute more and more through time. The field of genetics gives scientist new tools for understanding how humans along with other organisms evolved.