Evolution of the Skateboard/Longboard

  • First Skateboards

    First Skateboards
    This is a picture of one of the earliest skateboards in the world. The skateboard was invented in America around the 1940’s. The trucks on the bottom of the board where from rollerblades. So where the wheels. The wheels where made from metal. The board was an actual board or sometimes a fence post. All of these boards where and hand made and none where made in factories.
  • Period: to

    Timespand of Skateboards/Longboards

  • First Longboards

    First Longboards
    This picture is a early longboard. They where essential the same thing expect longer and with bigger wheels and trucks. Long boarding was more popular with surfers than skateboarding because the longer length was like a surfboard.
  • First Board with Kicktail

    First Board with Kicktail
    This is a picture of a skateboard with one of the first kick tails and real trucks and wheels. By now seeing the popularity people started making them in factories with machinery. This allowed them to use presses to bend the wood to make kicktails. These boards where more high quality and lasted longer. The kick tail was for doing tricks. An angled tail allowed you to pop the board into the air to do tricks.
  • More Durable Longboards

    More Durable Longboards
    Even thought that skate boards where evolving longboards did to. Both of them got four holes drilled in for trucks instead of two or three. This provided more strength and durability. Also the wheels started to be made of polyurethane a rubber plastic mixture that is perfect for wheels.
  • Present Day Skateboards

    Present Day Skateboards
    Skateboards now have two kick tails so it does not matter the way you go and so you can do more tricks. They also have concaves. They are raised edges on the board so you lock in to it better there is also grip tape so you can stay on the board. And do more tricks.
  • 3 Generation Longboards

    3 Generation Longboards
    Longboards evolved the basic way of skateboards up until now. They are the same except they have more than one shape the is enlist amount of shapes a longboard can be.