Evolution of the cities

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In History
  • Period: 10,000 BCE to


    People moved from one place to another in search of animals to hunt and eat (Nomads).
  • Period: 8000 BCE to 5000 BCE

    beginnings of agriculture

    People discover a way to get their food and be at the foot of it, they started the semi-permanent villages
  • Period: 5000 BCE to 3000 BCE

    start of specializations and first cities

    With the discovery of the first techniques to maintain the fertility of the lands, populations can settle in a fixed place and start the first cities
  • Period: 2500 BCE to

    Start of trade- Migration from towns to cities

    The cities that began to be created began to produce more food as well as utensils and tools, They began to use the technology that transported this merchandise, but due to the high costs of these, the migration from the countryside to the cities began. (These cities were not very modern and had to adapt to protect themselves from possible attackers, they were very populated)
  • Period: to

    Start of the modernization on the cities

    after the industrial revolution, modernization began in cities to the point where we are today
  • Period: to

    Future of the cities

    The future of cities is uncertain but we bet that over the years we will become a more globalized society, the conservation of the environment is essential if we want to protect the human race, food, health and education must be guaranteed for the whole society. (I really hope a good future for the planet) :)