Evolution of Online Learning

  • Society to Encourage Studies at Home is founded.

    This is the first correspondence school in the US. It was founded in Boston by Anna Eliot Ticknor. It was a network of women teaching by mail (Bergmann, 2001).
  • University of Chicago offers correspondence classes (Miller, 2014)

  • First Time a Course is Broadcast Over the Radio

    "The University of Nebraska’s WFAV started offering credit courses via radio in 1922, and many others followed suit" (Davis, 2010).
  • Western Behavioral Sciences Institute's School of Management and Strategic Studies started an online program

    (Miller, 2014)
  • Creation of The University of Phoenix

    Dr. John Sperling and Teri Hedegaard Bishop launch the University of Phoenix caus. It was the first private university venture to deliver complete academic degree programs and services to a mass audience via online technologies (Miller, 2014).
  • Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX) was formed (Bogren, Erlinger, Hari, & Van Walleghen, 1999)

  • Open University offered an experimental Virtual Summer School (VSS)

    (Miller, 2014)
  • CALCampus offered real-time education in its completely online school

    (Miller, 2014)
  • The Introduction of Severl Emerging Technologies

    JAVA and JAVAscript, Virtual Environments, and RealAudio which further enhanced the kind of product information which could be made available to consumers (Bogren, Erlinger, Hari, & Van Walleghen, 1999).
  • Murray Goldberg Creates WebCT

    WebCT is a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments. It can be used to create entire on-line courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement existing courses (Anonymous, n.d.)
  • YouTube launched

    (Miller, 2014)