evolution of football helmets

By trey!
  • invented the football helmet

    invented the football helmet
    James Naismith invented the first football helmet in 1893. he had made the helmet for himself while he was playing football for the YMCA international training college. the helmet was mainly to keep is ears safe because he had cauliflower ears. after the news that Joseph Reeves got from his doctor, James put the helmet out so his and everyone else is prevented from head injuries or concussions
  • foundation of Riddell

    foundation of Riddell
    In 1929, John Tate Riddell decided to make a sports equipment company. The company was established in Chicago, Illinois
  • face mask

    face mask
    in 1935, Vern McMillan made the first face mask for the football helmet which will later on be used in the NFL. he made the face mask so it can be attached to the helmet.
  • Plastic helmet

    Plastic helmet
    In 1939, Riddell made the first plastic helmet. the helmet was made to protect the head better and to have better quality.
  • One bar

    One bar
    In 1951, Riddell released a helmet with one plastic bar. Otto Graham had taken elbows to the face, opening the side of his lip at half when his team (Cleveland Browns) was playing against the 49er's. So they made the helmet to protect face injuries. Paul Brown was the owner of the prototype so he used the money to make the NFL team Cincinati Bengals
  • BT-5

    Six years after the one bar face mask was made, Riddell made a new model called the BT-5 tubular helmet. the bars was made out of rubber and plastic. the new bar is placed in front of the helmet
  • U bar

    U bar
    In 1962, Riddell introduced the U shape nose bar to protect your nose in the helmet. the model was called "TK12".
  • Steel

    In 1977, Riddell launched a new invention above the plastic face mask. they invented the stainless steel face mask. the face mask is weighs less then the previous face mask.
  • modern

    In 2002, Riddell released a more modern model called the revolution helmet. this helmet was the first helmet to be made to prevent concussions.
  • speed

    In 2008, Riddell redesigned the revolution helmet so they made the revolution speed. this model is the fastest growing model. this helmet is still recognizable on the field today
  • F7

    In 2017, Schutt's company introduced a helmet called the F7 LTD. the helmet has thermoplastic urthane pads in the helmet and 3 dimensional tektonic plate tech.
  • axiom

    In 2022, Riddell drops the first ever Axiom helmet. the helmet comes with a insite impact response system. it provides one of the smart helmet tech.