Evolution of Dogs

By bklepp
  • Darwin explans dogs

    Darwin explans dogs
    Charles Darwin believed that domestic dogs have originated from multiple different species of wild canines. Some also believed that this was through the interbreeding of different species, which would explain how dogs are so diverse.
  • Darwin Prooved Wrong

    Darwin Prooved Wrong
    DNA findings have proved Darwin’s theory about dogs wrong. All modern dogs are descendants of wolves, though this domestication may have happened twice, producing groups of dogs descended from two unique common ancestors.
  • Dogs Modern Day relatives

    Dogs Modern Day relatives
    Wolves, dogs, foxes, and other members of the canis family share 99.8% of their genes, which indicates that at one time both species shared a common ancestor.
  • Earliest Evidence of Dog Domestication

    Earliest Evidence of Dog Domestication
    It was found that a canine was buried with a human that dated about twelve thousand years old. This once was believed to be the earliest evidence of canine domestication. However new DNA analysis suggests that the transformation of wolves to domestic dogs started to occur 130,000 years ago, this shows dogs started to adapt to human existence before humans settled down in societies. Researchers have also found fossils of canines and humans in close proximity dated back as early as the middle Pl
  • Dogs descend from ancient wolves

    Dogs descend from ancient wolves
    Although the true origin of domestic dogs is unknown there are many theories to how they came to be. It is difficult to know the true origin because of the variation within domestic dogs, as well as the ability different species of canines have to interbreed, such as the jackal, wolf, dingo and coyote.