Evolution of Democracy

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  • Feb 13, 1000

    The Code of King Hammurabi 1792-1750 B.C

    He is the king that rules over everyone because he is the wisest and the most powerful. What one does to a man will be done to them too;an eye for an eye.
  • Jun 15, 1215

    King John I: Magna Carta

    Police officers won't acuse someone of doing something without proof or a witness. A freeman will not be hurt but it will be judged by the law and others.
  • Johh Locke: Concerning Civil Government 1680-1690

    People that are born with power should't have to live by the rules like others do but to take on the power given to him threw their family.
  • Declaration Of The Rights Of Man

    The head person in authority lives permenently in the nation and no person can over rule any authority that comes straight from the nation. The liberty will do whatever they want as long as nobody gets hurt and its fair.
  • Amendment XV to Consitution of the U.S

    I shouldn't matter about race, colour, or condition of citizen they should be able to vote in the U.S
  • New Zealanad: Election Act

    A vote was granted so that all women in New Zealand had the right to vote.
  • U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    If they keep teaching those rights and freedoms then it will promote the development of friendly relations between nations.
  • European Member States

    The European nations are to not only think about the future Europe but remember the history importance of it from before or to break apart parts of European communities. They are to be a whole one.