Evolution of Computers

  • Z1

    The first electrical calculator that ran on binary code. It calculated alot faster then previous calculators that ran on other things. later he came up with the Z2 and Z3
  • Colossus

    The world's first electronic computer. Used in WWII to decipher the german code machine Enigma.
  • Programing language

    Konrad Zuse creates progamming language, Plankalkul for numerical and non-numerical problems.

    The ENIAC was and built at the University of Pensylvania by John Maulchy and Presper J. Eckert. It calculated balistic tragectories for artillery guns in WWII. It calculated 1000s of times faster then electro-mechanical machines.
  • Period: to

    Computers from 1946-11

  • Apple

    Apple markets makes its first computers such as the Apple I and II and also the TRS-80
  • Hand-held Calculator

    Texas Instruments creates the first hand-held calculator. It had no electronic display but burnt the numbers on heat sensetive paper.
  • Why did computers keep getting better?

    People kept thinking up new ways to make computers and calculators faster and more conveinent....I think.