Evolution of Apple iPods

By kgamb0a
  • The Start of Something New

    The Start of Something New
    Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., unveiled the first ever iPod at a press conference in Cupertino, California-- offering "1,000 songs in your pocket."
  • iPod 2G

    iPod 2G
    Apple Inc. introduces the iPod 2, suited with Windows. Can now hold up to 4,000 songs.
  • iPod (3rd gen)

    iPod (3rd gen)
    Apple launches the iTunes Music Store with 200,000 songs at 99¢ each, along with the new third-generation iPod that is thinner and lighter than two CDs and holds 7,500 songs.
  • Introducing iPod minis

    Introducing iPod minis
    Apple introduces iPod mini, available in five colors
  • iPod Shuffle Introduced.

    iPod Shuffle Introduced.
    The first iPod shuffle plugged right into a USB drive, and included 512 MB of storage (120 songs) for $99 and 1 GB (240 songs) for $149.
  • iPod Nanos

    iPod Nanos
    iPod nano replaces the iPod mini and goes on to become the best selling music player ever.
  • Apple Introduces the iPhone

    Steve Jobs unveils the first ever iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco.
  • App Store Launches

    App Store Launches
    As the iPhone 3G makes its first debut, the App Store launches becoming a huge hit for its casual gaming and efficiency.
  • Upgraded iPod Shuffle

    Upgraded iPod Shuffle
    In this version of the 'upgraded' iPod shuffle, many had complaints to offer to Apple Inc. since the iPod itself did not produce these new iPods with any buttons, but rather depended on the headphones with buttons to pause fast forward, rewind, etc.
  • iPod or iPhone?

    iPod or iPhone?
    Apple unveils their newest product, the iPhone 4S. Although the iPhone is slowly making its way to the top, that doesn't mean that is the decline of the product that started it all; the iPod. Although only minor changes were made to the upcoming iPod, that doesn't mean they have disappeared from daily usage.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    Available in space grey, silver, pink, yellow, blue, and red, the fifth generation iPod was unveiled at an Apple event alongside the iPhone 5.