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  • Zoonomia

    In the book Zoonomia Charles Darwin asks, "Would it be too bold to imagine ... that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one-living filiament?"
  • Concordate between Pope and Napoleon

  • Rockets infroduce as Weapons into the British Army

  • Darwin Born

    Charles Darwin's birth comes at a time of social conservatism in Britian.
  • Lamarck

    Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck proposes that living things evolve to become more complex through time. He claims that "vital forces" within creatures help them adapt to their envirotnments. Acquired traits are then passed on to future generations.
  • Revolts in New Granada Rio de la Plata, and Mexico

  • Pope Pius VII succeeded by Pope Leo XII

  • First Railroad opened, England

  • Turks enter Athens Turkish and Egyptian fleets Destoryed in Navarino

  • J. Henry (US) Constructs an Early Version of the Electric Motor

  • Leopold Ranke writes: 'The Roman Popes'

  • Darwin's Secret

    Darwin feels compelied to pursue what he knows is a radical idea. His Galapegos birds, in particular, seem to point out that new species can evolve over time from a common ancestor.
  • First bicycle build by Kirkpatrick Macmillan

  • Anonymous

    Robert Chambers published his evolutionary ideas anonymously in the Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.
  • Flint Tools

    The question of whether humans existed tens of thousands or even millions of year in the past.
  • Evolution Accepted

    A few years after One the Orgin of Species is published evolution is mainstream science. Magazines and newspapers promote evolution. Darwin's theory countinues to be doubted.
  • US General Amnesty Act Pardons most ex-Confederates

  • Roadioactivity

    Rock-dating techniques show that Earth is more than 4.3 billion years old -- ample time for Darwin's gradual evolution to occur.
  • Mendel Rediscovered

    A Moravian monk is brought to light and becomes to comerstone in the emerging science of genetics. Medel's notion that treats are passed down in discrete units is a boon to Darwinism. The countrary idea -- that all traits of parents are "blended" in their offspring -- had been a stumbling black for evolutionists, even fro Darwin himself.
  • Piltdown Man

    Both critics and proponents of evolution eagerly await the discovery of a "missing link" between humans and other primates. The fossls skull called Pitdown Man seems to be this link.