• Bishop Ussher

    Bishop Ussher
    Calculated that the creation between heaven and earth took place in 4004 B.C.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    New instruments of magnificaiton are fueling scientific reaserch. Thanks to that they found that Spontaneous Generation does not exist.
  • Linnaeu´s

    Linnaeu attempts to clasify all life in earth into kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species.
  • Comte de Buffon

    Comte de Buffon
    Spectulates that living creatures evolve according to natural laws.
  • Natural Theology

    Natural Theology
    William Paley´s Natural Theology holds that no only God´s existence but also his attributes are manifest in intricate forms of nature.
  • Lamarck

    Lamarck proposes that living things evolve to become more complex through time.
  • Cuvier

    Argues that a series of catastrophes, great floods and earthquakes, wiped out certain life in the distant past.
  • Lyell

    Charles Lyell helps further the idea that earth span vast of ages by arguing that slow moving, gradual processes explain Earth´s geology.
  • Beagle Voyage

    Beagle Voyage
    Charles Darwin begins his voyage. At the end of the trip Darwin is changed man.
  • Neanderthal

    The unearthing of a fossil´s skull in Germany Neander Valley fuels a debate in weather all humans are direct decendents of Adam and Eve
  • Wallace

    Alfred Russel Wallace writed Darwin from Malaysia seeking his advice.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    While far from the first work on evolution, Darwin´s book was influentional.
  • Ape debate

    Ape debate
    On the Origin of Species does not adress human evolution, criticts asume that he meant no exception, and he is attcacked by critics.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Even though some scientist continue to reject the idea, evolution is accepted only a few years after Origin of Species is published.
  • Descedent of man

    Descedent of man
    Unlike in Origin of Species, Darwin now unbadishly takes on human evolution.
  • Horse Fossils

    Horse Fossils
    Marsh discovered stunning fossils of acient fossils. Huxley and Marsh piece together the story of the evolution of a modern horse from a four-toad ancestor.
  • Darwin´s burial

    Darwin´s burial
    Darwin´s body is laid to rest in peace.
  • Radioactivity

    The discovery of radioctivity leads to stunning calculations of Earh´s age.
  • Pilldown man

    Both critics and promonents of evolution eagerly await the discovery of a "missing link" between humans and other primates.
  • first anti evolution bill

    Spoured by William Jenning Bryan and a growing grassroot movement, 6 southern and border states consider anti-evolution proposals.
  • man like ape

    man like ape
    Raymont Tarc anounces that they found an ape that looked man-like.
  • textbook

    Fearing loss of sales, publishers remove references of evolution in biology textbooks.
  • Tennessee bill

    Tennessee bill
    By an overwhelming majority of votes the Tennessee legislature passes a bill that makes it misdemeanor to teach about evolution because they said it was againts god.
  • Anti-evolution bills

    Anti-evolution bills
    In the years following the Scopes trials, some 35 new anti-evolution bills are proposed in 20 states.
  • Neo Darwinism

    Neo Darwinism
    Neo-Darwinism is an updated theory of evolution combinig modern genetics with Darwin´s 19th centuary theorie.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Less than half of high school science teachers taught anything about evolution.
  • Supreme court

    The Supreme Court rules that niether a state nor the federal government " can pass laws wich aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion than another."
  • Pope pios XII

    In his paper on human organisms he considers evolution a serious hypothesis worthhy of more studying.
  • DNA

    To unlock what genes are an how thy work they hd to discover te double helix structure of DNA.
  • Origins of Life

    A young graduate student producs amino-acids key chemical building blocks of life, indicating tht the first life of Earth may have arisen through natral processes.
  • Human and Apes

    Breakthroughs in genetic science allow reaserches to see striking similaritesbetween apes and
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    Supreme Court makes law against evolution.
  • DNA codes

    Ecolutionary scientist now see, at a molecular, how the DNA of various organisms has changed through time has evolved.
  • Textbook disclaimer

    The school board passes a requirement that whenever evolution is thaught the students must be informed that the material is not intended to influence or disuade the Biblbical version of creation.
  • Pop John Paul II

    By distinguishing between body and spirit, his predecer Pius XII opened the door for catholic acceptence of evolution.
  • Science Standards

    A nationwide study sponsored the Foudham Foudation laments that 19 U.S. states "a weak to reprehensible job of handaling evolution in their science standars.
  • Human Genome

    With the first draft of sequence of the genome complete, scientists see more than before how intematly related the human specie is to other life on Earth.