• Bishop Ussher

    On the year 1650, Bishop Ussher discovered the creation of Heaven and Earth.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    New magnification instruments are being created for scientific research.
  • Linnaeu's Systema Naturae

    Linnaeu's classifies all life on Earth. He has a system which is divided in 5 sections: kingdoms, classes, orders, generas and species. Even though, is does not show that species are related through evolution.
  • Comte de Bufon's radical ideas

    Comte de Buffon says that the living creatures do evolve because of the natural laws. Buffon also says that we all come from the same ancestor.
  • Natural Theology

    The Natural Theology, by Archdeacon William Paley, declares that God exists.
  • Lamarck

    Lamarck declares living things are evolve so they can become more complex through time.
  • Cuvier

    Cuvier finds fossils of bizarre and extinct creatures and attempts to explain them. Even though, he declares that modern creatures are far too different to have been evolved naturally.
  • Lyell

    Naturalists from the 19th century thinked that Earth's history and it's life, spans vast ages.
  • Period: to

    Beagle Voyage

    Darwin starts his voyage around the world, and at the end of his 2 year trip he committes himself to life in science, and the fossils with which he came back from South America and the Galapagos Islands, became his starting idea about evolution.
  • Neanderthal

    A fossil skull is found on Germany's Neander Valley, and starts questioning people if all humans are direct descendants from Adam and Eve. Other Neanderthal fossils also later make people debate about human evolution.
  • Wallace

    Wallace writes Darwin, to seek for the naturalist's advice, and comes up with the theory of natural selection, the one Charles had been researching for over 20 years. Without Wallace prompting competition, Darwin wouldn't have published in his life.
  • Origin Of Species

    Darwin's book becomes the most influential. It has a great theory of evolution with good evidence.
  • Ape-Debate

    "On The Origin of Species", didn't say much about human evolution, Darwin thinks humans are no exception. While Darwin bestialized humankind, critics attacked his theory.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Finally, few years after "On The Origin of Species" was published, people started believing in the evolution of mankind. Even though, Darwin's theory of "natural selection" is still being doubted.
  • The Descent of Man

    In Darwin's new book, he explains not only natural selection, but sexual selection, how traits are passed to future generations.
  • Horse Fossils

    Fossil hunter Othniel Charles Marsh had recently discovered fossils of ancient horses. With the help of Thomas Huxley, they piece together the story of it's evolution.
  • Darwin's Burial

    Darwin's dead body is buried in the most prominent area in England.
  • Radioactivity

    Antonie Henri discoveres radioactivity, which leads to surprising calculations of Earth's age, which estimated it may be 4.3 billion years old.
  • Piltdown Man

    The fossil skull called "Piltdown Man" releases an eagerly await of the discovery of what may be a "missing link" between humans and primates. But around 1950, the fossil is revealed as fake.
  • First Anti-Evolution Bills

    Southern and border states consider anti-evolution proposals. Public school textbooks teach Darwin's "Materialist Conception of History, The Darwin Theory of Creation".
  • Period: to

    Anti-Evolution Bills

    Anti-evolution bills were proposed in 20 different states, and some years later there were areas where they restricted the teaching of evolution.
  • Man-Like Ape

    Fossils of a prehistoric man-like ape were ound on South Africa. It showed that humans evolved through fierce hunting, and that horrifies anti-evolutionists.
  • Textbooks

    References of evolution are removed from biology textbooks by publishers.
  • Tennessee Bill

    The Tennessee legislature passed some bills that declared that it was midemeanor for teachers who teached in pulbic schools "to teach any theory that denies the story of the Devine Creation of man as taught in The Bible, and to teach instead that man had descended from a lower order of animal."
  • Neo-Darwanism

    Scientists understand and keep in mind that random genetic mutations can cause trait changes in organisms, and that these are later spread by the mechanism called "natural selection". Then, Neo-Darwanism was created, which is the combination of modern genetics with Darwin's 19th century theory.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Evolution's teaching hits a low point, and one scientist later estimated that less than the half of all science teachers in high schools under the year 1940 taught anything about evolution.
  • Period: to

    Supreme Court

    The supreme court forbids religion in public schools, stating that the federal government nor the state "can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another."
  • Pope Pius XII

    Pope Pius XII says evolution is a serious hypothesis, and leads Catholics to accept human evolution.
  • Origins of Life

    Graduate student named Stanley Miller produces amino acids. This indicates that life on Earth may have arisen through natural processes.
  • DNA

    DNA is discovered, and unlock genes secrets.
  • Humans and Apes

    Researchers see striking similarities in the DNA of humans and apes. And in 1971, Mary-Claire King and Allen Wilson declare that we humans and apes share more than 98% of our genes.
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    In the south, lawsuits begin challenging anti-evolutionist legislation.
  • DNA Codes

    Scientist are able to decifer clearly DNA in a most easy and effective way, and this leads to evidence about how evolution has happened.
  • Period: to

    Textbook Disclaimers

    Tangipahoa Parish's school board teaches students that all evolution material in textbooks is a "theory", not a "fact".
  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II declared the Catholic acceptance of evolution.
  • Science Standards

    States in the US do "a-weak-to-reprehensible job of handling evolution in their science standards". This has caused 12 different states to shun the word "evolution", and another 4 that avoid it's topic completely.
  • Human Genomes

    To conclude, genomics show scientists the evolution of humans, making us understand how we have evolved for over billions of years.