• Birth

    On May 7th, 1919, in Los Toles, Argentina Evita Peron is born. Her mother: Juana Ibarguren and her father: Juan Duarte, are at the hospital with her 3 other siblings; Erminda Ibarguren, Juan Ibarguren, and Blanca Ibarguren.
  • starting her career

    starting her career
    In 1930, Evita’s family moved to a nearby town, where Evita had her first opportunity to “perform”- reading poetry, and participating in local theatrical groups, which would start her “acting” career.
  • 13 years old;

    13 years old;
    In 1935, Evita, at the age of 13, moved to Buenos Aires, to become an actress, in singing, dancing, and performing. Nor did she know that this would be a life time long career (at least for most of her life), and also being a powerful political influence, to Argentine people at the time as well.
  • radio show

    radio show
    In the early 1940’s Evita first break occurred, when a radio company hired her, to do the daily role in one of their shows. Shortly, she then signed a contract for playing “Great Women of History”, on a popular radio drama.
  • Eva and Juan

    Eva and Juan
    On January 22nd, 1944, Evita meets Juan Peron (the labor minister at the time), at the time they were at an art gala, that peron had sponsored to aid earthquake victims. They then started dating each other; him; at age 48, and her; at age 24.
  • President of union

    President of union
    In May 1944, broadcast performers are required to organize a union. They then, elected, or chose to pick Evita as president of the union to lead them and other people as well.
  • arrested

    On October 9th, 1945, JUan Peron, (Evita’s boyfriend), is arrested by his opponents, who feared that he had too much political powers, and too much overwhelming support.
  • married

    In 1945, Evita’s life changed dramatically, when she married Juan Peron, he became president of Argentina, and his wife proved to be a powerful political influence. She used her position as the first lady, to fight for causes she believed in, including women's suffrage, and improving the lives of the poor.
  • ill with cancer

    ill with cancer
    A legendary figure and a skilled speaker, Evita was asked to run as vice president with her husband, in 1951. She then faced opposition by the army, and ultimately turned down the post/or job, due to health conditions.
  • her last appearence

    her last appearence
    Evita, made her last physical appearance in June, of 1952. Later of the following month, she became very ill, and died of uterine cancer (at the age of 33), in Buenos Aires, on July 26th, 1952. She was given a funeral fit to showing how much public support she had from the Argentine people at the time.