Evilotion of the wheelchair

By vikkor
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    first wheel chair

    first wheel chair
    it was used for the sick or wounded
    the very first wheelchair, it was made by the greeks it wasen't acctuly fond but it was a picture on a vase
  • Apr 11, 1527

    spainish wheel chair

    spainish wheel chair
    the spanish wheelchair had small wheels and a ajustuble back rest, it was ment for comfort, it was ment for the king so slaves would push it it changed so the king would not have to do much
  • bath wheelchair

    bath wheelchair
    this wheel chair had a self steering system it had a device that you could hook a donkey to it to move fast this happend because more and more people needed them
  • 2 rim wheelchair

    2 rim wheelchair
    they added the second rim tso it was self movable and not get your hands dirty
    the reason is beacause cars where every where so their was no one using donkeys
  • motor

    britian put a motor in a wheelchair
    they did this to if it was better than your yousing your hands
  • folding wheelchair

    folding wheelchair
    the folding wheel chair was made so it could be stored eaisly
    this was because more and more people got them so they needed to be stored easily