Evermore by Alyson Noel - fiction - 306

  • 1-53

    Ever can hear peoples thoughts after being in a car accident. A new kid named damen thats in her english class she cant read his mind.
  • 54-102

    damen is a really good painter and emmas dead sister thinks he is emma's boyfriend. Damen makes emma ditch school so they can go on a trip.
  • 290-306

    Ever refuses to stay with Damen. Her sister passes on and she wonders if she made the right decision.
  • 103-144

    Damens ended up taking Emma to Disneyland. Emma thinks they are dating but is unsure because every time they are together he leaves abruptly.
  • 144-172

    Ever's aunt goes on a vacation with jeff. Even though she has the house all to herself Damen doesnt stay with her.
  • 173-228

    Ever follows Damen to his gated community. While shes wandering through his house without him knowing she finds him attacking Honor.
  • 229-245

    Damen erases Evers memory but somehow she still remembers. Drina tries to kill her and get rid of her forever.
  • 246-289

    Damen takes Ever to the world in the middle after saving her from Drina. He tells her about how he saved her from dying in the car accident but not her family.