events that brought the United States into world war 1

  • assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed by an assassin while he was visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia with his wife. This was the beginning of world war 1
  • The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia.

    The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia.
    the assassin that killed Ferdinand was a Serbian nationalist, this fact directed Austria's anger toward Serbia. they declared war on Serbia one month after the assassination. America was indirectly allied with Serbia
  • Great Britain declares war on Germany

    Great Britain declares war on Germany
    when Austria declared war, both their allies and Serbia's allies were dragged into the fight which included Britain and America on Serbia's side, and Germany on Austria's side
  • The Lusitania sinks

    The Lusitania sinks
    A German U-Boat torpedoes the British passenger liner Lusitania. President Woodrow Wilson subsequently sends four diplomatic protests to Germany. The ship was attacked because Germany learned that weapons were smuggled on the ship, but the U.S. didn't believe that.
  • the S.S. Ancona sinks

    the S.S. Ancona sinks
    Germany had promised America not to attack another non-military ship. this promise was broken when their ally Austria sunk the Italian S.S. Ancona.
  • the Zimmermann telegram

    the Zimmermann telegram
    The British intercepted a telegram from Alfred Zimmermann detailing plans for an alliance between Germany and Mexico against the U.S. Britain passed the telegram to America and when it was made public, people like former president Roosevelt encouraged America's involvement in the war.
  • U.S.A. joins the war

    U.S.A. joins the war
    the U.S. declares war on Germany, officially marking the beginning of their involvement
  • U.S. troops arrive in France

    U.S. troops arrive in France
    the first American troops land in France
  • Germany signs the Armistice

    Germany signs the Armistice
    Germany signs the Armistice which stops the fighting and ends war
  • the Treaty of Versailles

    the Treaty of Versailles
    to officially end the war Germany had to sign the treaty of Versailles. the treaty went against president Wilson's 14 points, which the Germans had hoped for. however, signing the treaty meant Germany was forced to take full blame for the war