Events Of the Revonltonary war

  • Revionlotionary war begins

    Revionlontionary war begins in Concord and Lexington!
  • Period: to

    Revonltionary war

  • George Washington!

    George Washingto was named Commander of the Continental army!
  • Declartion of Independnce.

    after the battle of long island,the british make New York the base of there group.
  • Washingtons hunch!

    Britains General William Howe Arrived New York With a large army!
  • Christmas Surprise!

    Washingtons troops Sailed across the cold delaware river to attack the Hessains!
  • American Victory!

    The american victory at saratoga convinces foreign power that American can win!
  • British Victory.

    The British capture Savannah,Georgia-the most biggest victory in their new southern campaign.
  • American victory!

    The Americans Defeat the british at Kings mts.<south Carolina
  • Another American win!

    After the american vicxtory at yorktown,British lose their will to continue the war!
  • End of the war!

    the treaty of Paris ends the war!