Events of the American Revolution

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  • Spark- Lexington and Concord

    Spark- Lexington and Concord
    link to a cool website The battles of Lexington and Concord started the American Revolutionary War. The British troops marched to Concord to seize a arms cache and retreated when they realized that Paul Revere told the militiamen. Also in Lexington the British troops were fighing against militiamen without shooting when a random person shot a bulllet. #warhasbegun
  • First- Bunker Hill

    First- Bunker Hill
    Website to go to Militiamen fire at Boston's Harbor from behind Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill. The colonists started building trenches on the two hills and on June 17 the Redcoats come to attack the Militiamen. The colonists said don't fire without seeing the whites of their eyes. So in this war the Redcoats won, but the Militiamen killed many redcoats compared to how many people they have. killedmanyredcoats
  • Turning Point - Saratoga

    Turning Point - Saratoga
    Website to a cool website The British troops surrendered to the Patriots during Oct. 17,1777 on their way to Albany, New York. Burgoyne surrendered to the Patriots, when the Patriots cornered his remaining forces. This was a turning point because before this the Patriots were losing the battles but now it is a turning point because the Patriots won and gained some alllies with other countries. #wehavehope!
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    Low Point - Valley Forge

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  • Low Point - Valley Forge

    Low Point - Valley Forge
    Link to a cool website George Washington's troops fought a chain of losing battles so it was a low point of the war. George Washington's troops camped at Valley Forge to keep a close eye on the British troops. While the British were cozy, George Washington's troops were hungry and tired. When people heard about these conditions they sent over food and clothing. #I'mwatchingyouBritain
  • Government - Articles of Confederation

    Government - Articles of Confederation
    Cool Website This was the document that said that after the Patriots won the war, we will make a place where there won't be any taxing, no army, no control over states, states had more power than the government, and they didn't have many laws. This effected the country by not having any money, or protection. This article was a fail which lead on to the US Constitution. #failgovernment
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    Last - Yorktown

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  • Last - Yorktown

    Last - Yorktown
    Cool Website When the British troops led by General Cornwallis set camp at Yorktown, Wahington thought this would be a great place to trap the troops. So, the Patriots and some French soldiers went and drove away British ships so Cornwallis's soldiers were trapped and in 3 weeks they finally surrendered. This was the last battle which showed Britain that the colonists had won finally and that Britain had to live with that.#wonwar
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    Resolution - Treaty of Paris

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  • Resolution- Treaty of Paris

    Resolution- Treaty of Paris
    Cool Website The Document was signed on Sep. 3, 1783, but wasn't ratified until Jan. 14, 1784. The Treaty of Paris was basically ending the war and having Britain lose control over the 13 colonies. This treaty also let the colonists get more land west which increased their territory by double the amount they normally had. #peaceout